1998 Venture Van Has Oil Leak Under Engine

1998 Chevy Venture. Question : When I was pulling into my driveway my check engine light and oil light came on. When I turned off the car and checked 5 minutes later there was a big pile of oil on the ground. I checked my oil and there was none in the oil tank.

I filled it up and turned it on to see where the oil was coming from and it started pouring out from above the starter. What can this be?

Answer: If the engine only leaks oil when it's running, and it is coming out that fast, I have to say it is coming from a part of the engine that has full oil pressure. The oil pressure sending unit is located above the starter. Either the sender is broken off and is just pumping oil out of the engine, or more likely it is just leaking internally and coming through the electrical connector. You don't need to remove the starter to replace the sensor. You can get to it from underneath the van using a special oil pressure sender socket. You may want to disconnect the battery so you don't accidentally short something out on the positive terminal. The sensor is pretty inexpensive. You can get in most any parts store. Approximate cost of this part is about $20. With the check engine light nine you will need to scan the PCM (powertrain computer) for trouble codes. This can be done for free at most of the large national part store chains. The code that will come up will probably be just for the oil pressure sender, but you may have other related codes because of the engine havingĀ  low oil pressure.

No Oil Pressure

1997 Chevy Venture Engine Size : 3.4L V-6. Question : will the pcm shut down the van if I have no oil pressure.

Answer: If it's running at the time you lose oil pressure, then no it won't. The engine would continue to run and eventually lock up without oil pressure. If you have a no oil pressure condition when trying to start the van, then yes, the PCM would inhibit starting due to low pressure to prevent damage. If you're having an oil pressure problem, that is very important to get checked out so that it doesn't end up ruining your engine and costing you more than necessary.

Code P1639

2002 Chev Venture. Engine Size : 3.4L Question : code P1639 how to repair.

Answer: There are several things that can cause this scan code. P1639 is a problem in the 5 volt reference circuit for the A/C pressure sensor and the fuel tank pressure sensor for the emissions system. You would need to unplug them one at a time and check for 5 volts into each. If you unplug one and there is not 5 volts, then unplug the other. If then the circuit has 5 volts, that second sensor is bad. If there i no or low voltage with both unplugged, then you can either have a wiring problem or a bad PCM. A scanner that can read live data and control functions is an even better way to test for this code.

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  • Guest - travis

    this article describes my leak but after checking the sending unit I found it dry. the starter always has a few of drops hanging from it and is covered with oil but it does not pour. It gets the rest of the engine underside wet and is ruining my driveway. Any sugestions???

  • In reply to: Guest - travis

    Could be the lower intake manifold gaskets leaking. This is common on the 3400 motor.