Gas Gauge and Others Malfunction But Van Still Runs Good

Problem with my 2001 Chevy Venture Van. Warning lights all intermittently, starts with gas gauge. Engine still runs good.  Gas gauge moves up and down does not show actual gas level.

Sometimes all gauges come on and keep switching from one to another, engine still runs good but it is scary with the gauges changing all at once. Some times it only shows that the gas gauge isn't working right and sometimes all of them start acting up.

Answer: A common problem with a fluctuating or inoperative fuel gauge on the Chevy Venture van is a faulty fuel level sensor. This sensor is located in the fuel tank, on the fuel pump assembly. It can be replaced separately from the pump. also, had some problems with a body pass through connector under the van. Look under the van, about right behind the drivers seat. There are a few connectors that may have water in them. It would show as green corrosion inside the connector. clean it and apply some grease if it is.

But this would not explain all the other gauges having a problem. This sounds like a problem in the gauges cluster itself.

Fuel Pump Sending unit assembly


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  • Guest - Doug

    I know this is old, but I had a similar problem on a 2003 model and this is how I fixed it. There is an electrical connector that passes from just behind the driver seat to the bottom of the vehicle. This connector has Fuel Gage, Fuel Pump, and several EVAP solenoid wires. The connector was completely corroded from salt. I ended up cutting the wires from the connector, drilling a 3/8" hole through the connector to pass the wires through and using butt splices to connect the 8 wires directly. No more EVAP codes and it runs now.

  • Guest - Lee

    My fuel gauge on my 97 Astro jumps around then goes past full

  • Guest - robert chaytor

    i change the sender in my tank.but the gauge still doz,ent work goes up and down.sometimes a 1/4 to haft full to full.also my a/c went the same time no power on switch.i don,t know what to do. robert

  • Guest - TechJK

    In reply to: Guest - robert chaytor

    You have a wiring problem in your truck somewhere. You are going to have to take it to a mechanic so he can trace thing down.