2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stalling

Basically my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee(4.0 liter) starts up fine and runs, but at times it will cut off on me and start right back up and run perfectly. Sometimes it wont shut all the way off, if I take my foot off the gas and let it just glide it starts back running. The radio and everything else stays on, the car just stops running. I changed the Fuel Filter and it was quite dirty

and I also put some HEET Gas treatment int he tank just in case it was water in the gas tank. I put 1 bottle in 2 different times just to make sure. Its still doing in it. Im not sure if its the alternator or fuel pump or something else.

Answer: Your truck sounds like it has an electrical problem or maybe an ignition problem- like a bad ignition module.

A fuel problem will usually cause a vehicle to start to sputter first, then stall out. Letting your foot of the gas pedal to correct the truck that is about to stall, sounds like a loose connection under the hood. Possible a bad ground. When you release the gas pedal, the engine that is torquing to the left while accelerating will now level off because you are removing power to the engine. This movement of the engine will pull of the wiring harnesses under the hood and can correct a bad or loose connection. I would start your Jeep, let it idle, then start pulling on engine wiring to see if you can cause it to stall. If you can, then you are in the area of a bad connection.

An ignition problem is harder to detect. You will have to actually be testing for spark at the spark plugs. Then when it start to stall, see if the spark is getting weaker or goes away all together.

Comment: There could be a loose ground wire under the hood. When you let off the gas, the engine will move a little, then the problem clears up. That could be because the ground goes back to good. Pull and the engine harnesses to try to get it to act up. Then you will know where the ground problem is.

Jeep grand Cherokee Engine Knock

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD. Recently we had went for a drive to the falls. On our way home out of the blue it made a knocking noise and then noise stopped. We continued on home and off and on it made the knock noise. It never over heated and never lost oil pressure. Got home just fine. Went out the next day to leave and now it won't start..it just turns over. At one point it tried to start..but was so rough it shut itself off a few seconds later. So now it just turns over but won't start. I am on a fixed income raising 2 grandchildren and where we live there is no transportation

Answer: Knocking in an engine is never good. Whether it comes and goes or is steady. The fact that it now will not start is bad news. Sounds like the engine has an internal failure. You are going to have to have a mechanic look at it. This may be an expensive fix, sorry to say.

You could have had a rod bearing or main bearing go bad. Could also be a piston failure, hard to say.

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