1998 Dodge Durango Power Window and Stalling Problems

1998 Dodge Durango. Engine size = v8
Question: My friend called about his right side electric windows. Hear motors but both won't work. Also while driving he said engine will occasionally start to stall unless he puts it in neutral any ideas.

Answer: first you need to determine if both right side power windows don't work from the master switch on the drivers door, or from either right side switch, or from all three switches. The master switch feeds power to the right front and rear window switches. If the master switch were bad it could cause both of those windows to stop working. If they are just inoperative from their related switch and not the master switch. Then you would need to test for power into each switch at the yellow wire terminal. The master sends power to the yellow wire from a splice. If that splice were bad there would be no power to either front or rear. And of course you could also just had two bad motors. If you mean the engine ones to stall when you coming to a stop or at idle, then you could have carbon buildup in the throttle, a vacuum leak or a problem with the idle air control valve. If it wants to die out when you're at speed, there could be one of many things wrong with the truck. A failing fuel pump, EGR valve stuck open, ignition problem, wiring problem under the hood etc.

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