Jeep Cherokee Code P1764 Repair

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and check engine came on. Code is p1764 which is the governor sensor. Now from what I read that's actually called the transducer. BUT most videos for it people were also changing the solenoid. SO i order both and changed both. Light was still on. I thought a part was bad so i started over changing 1 at a time. (This is a pain as you have to drain tranny fluid every time) all said and done putting a new solenoid and keeping the original transducer fixed the problem and light went of. I went to Autozone and had them hook up the code reader to check.

Answer: Yes, that is weird. One thing you should have done was checked the wires to these components from them to the where the harness goes out of the transmission case. Have had a few problems where one or more of the wires were pinched or rubbing and causing a problem. By replacing these parts like you did, it it possible that you moved the wires around enough so that one of them is not rubbing or shorted anymore. But, the wires can move over time and maybe give the same code again. Just something to keep in mind- always check wiring.

Jeep Cherokee EVAP Codes

2001 jeep Cherokee the dealer told me the EVAP system needs to be replaced that it had a large leak cost $1,200. I took it in for engine stalling. Can the EVAP system cause this?

Answer: A leak in the EVAP (Evaporative Emissions System) will not usually cause a leak. It can, but not normally. A large leak means the EVAP system cannot hold pressure and sets a code. For the cost to repair, they must have found several things wrong. Most leaks are just because of a bad hose, seal or valve. This sounds more serious. I would look at the estimate and call around a few local repair shops to get a quote on these repairs. Local shops are much less expensive in part and labor and should have no problem doing this repair- especially since the dealer already diagnosed it.

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