1996 Dodge Dakota Sport Dies at Idle

1996 Dodge Dakota Sport V6
Warning lights = No
Repairs for this problem = We recently had the spark plugs and fuel filter changed but it has not helped.
Question = My husband has a 1996 dodge Dakota sport with very low mileage (17,000) that we inherited from his step father. Since we have had it, it has been dying, mostly while it is idling, but it does not die every time it is idling.

No check engine light has come on. Any idea what would cause dying upon idling that would not cause the check engine light to come on? Thank you!

Answer: Since the truck has very low miles for the year it is, i would suspect that it has some carbon buildup in the throttle and idle control causing it to stall. You should give it a good cleaning. Also, again with low miles, there may be carbon on the valves. After doing a good throttle cleaning , take it out on the expressway and "Blow it out" real good. Basically as you are getting on the ramp, mash the gas pedal to the floor and accelerate up to speed. You may notice smoke out the exhaust. This idle problem is common on any vehicle with such low miles and age. The engine may just need to cleaned out like this.

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