1997 dodge ram 1500 4wheel drive

My front passenger wheel feels like its going to wobble off . I checked the lug nuts and they are fine . please help thank u.

Answer: If the lug nuts are all tight, then you need to have the front suspension and steering on that5 checked immediately. This could be very dangerous. If it feels like it is going to fall off, it just might !

If the wheel on your Dodge is wobbling at any speed and gets faster and more severe as speed increases, you could have a bent wheel.

If the feeling is steady at any speed, then you need to check the inner and outer tie rods for being worn out. If one of them were t`o break, you would not lose the wheel, but the ability to steer. A worn out tie rod would have shown up as the wobble getting worse over time, not just one day not there and the next it is.

Another possible cause could be a worn out upper or lower ball joint` or control arm bushing.

If the feeling is only when braking, then you have a brake rotor that is out if round. This would not cause the wheel to fall off or loose steering, but it needs to be repaired either way.

Dodge Ram Air Suspension

I have a 2014 Dodge ram 1500 and the air suspension warning light came on saying immediate repair needed. The front end doesn't raise up and it feels like is riding on the frame. The rear suspension is still up but nothing will go up or down.

Answer: Yes, immediate repair is needed because of the way the truck is riding on the frame. This can be dangerous to drive. You could have a problem in the air compressor or a leak in the front system lines, hoses or other components. I would get it checked out right away before you start causing other damage.

1997 Dodge 1500 Ram A/C

The clutch on air my conditioning pump is heating up and makes noise like bearings. Can this be repaired or do i need a new pump?

The clutch can be replaced separately, with some special tool, but if it making a lot of noise, I would suggest replacing the compressor. You stand the risk of replacing the clutch only to find that it got so hot that it damaged the compressor bearing or seals, and then you would have to replace the compressor anyway.

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