2000 Dodge Durango Antifreeze Out Overflow

2000 Dodge Durango slt. 4.7  v8
Repairs for this problem: Tightened up all the bolt on the bottom of the engine
Question: when i am driving my SUV or when its idling antifreeze will leak out the over flow hose and it sprays back on the motor and makes it look

like oil and i know its not oil because Ive been watching all the fluids very close and the antifreeze is the only thing that's low, what can i do?

Answer: Coolant boiling over through the overflow is a sign that the engine is getting hot and overheating. There are many reasons this could be happening. A stuck thermostat, radiator fans not coming on, restricted radiator- internally or externally, internal engine problem like a bad cylinder head gasket, etc. For the basics, try replacing the Thermostat. Next check that at least one (it it has more than one) of the radiator fans comes on when the engine temp is at about 225 degrees. Either look at the gauge, or you would need to have a scanner to look at engine data. Make sure there is nothing in front of the radiator blocking it. I have seen plastic bags get caught in front.

This restricts airflow over the radiator and causes overheating. It could also be blocked internally. This is much harder to determine. Also getting a cooling system pressure test would show if there were a blown headgasket. Removing spark plugs and looking for signs of burning antifreeze is another way. Other than that, a mechanic is going to have to look at it, just too many possibilities.

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