Lamps Out Warning on Dashboard - Speedometer Not Working

I just replaced the light bar in the right tail light of my 2004 Ram1500 Hemi.  After replacing the bar everything works, but the "lamp out" signal in dash is still on.  Do I have to reset something or will it turn off by itself? Thanks Debi.

Answer: There is no reset for this warning. It should go out when the bulbs are replaced. I would suspect you have an other bulb out somewhere. Look closely at all lights- turn signals, brake, reverse, Daytime Running lamps, etc. If you are SURE all bulbs are good, you can try removing the negative battery cable for a few minutes, then reconnect.

Dodge Ram Speedometer Not Working

1991 Dodge Ram D150 2wd 5.2.
Changed speed sensor and speed control fuse.
Question: Speedometer quit working,changed above items, there is no cable running to speedometer, electronic unit,not digital,looks like an alarm clock. could this unit be the problem?

Answer: Sounds like your next step is to change the instrument cluster. That should fix it.

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