Chrysler Sebring Throttle Warning Light On

Chrysler Sebring convertible the electronic throttle control warning light is flashing. Car has just recently been driving an average 90 miles a day for past 6 months. Oil change regular with synthetic any suggestion ?

Answer: This is a common problem on the electronic throttle system on your Chrysler. The most common cause is a dirty throttle body. To clean it, just get some carb cleaner spray from the local parts store. With the engine off, remove the air duct going to the throttle. Open the throttle butterfly and spay the cleaner inside. Also,

spray some on a rag and wipe the inside or the throttle and the plate real good. Put is back together and take it for a ride doing a few hard accelerations to help clear out the cleaner. It may be a little hard to start because of all the cleaner spray- this is normal.

Now clear the computer codes with a scanner or disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Drive it for a day or so to see if it is fixed.

If the light comes back on, then a scan of the computer codes a diagnostic would be needed to repair the problem. If the cleaning did not help, then most likely the throttle needs to be replaced.

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