Transmission Fluid black after repairs

I just got paying $2300 for a repairs to my transmission. But when my mechanic first checked the fluid on the dipstick, it came out black almost tar like. According to my records, the dealership change my transmission oil on Feb 2014. My truck went down on Mar 2014 and between those two months my mileage only totaled up to 35,000 miles.

I do not think the dealership change my oil like they said they did. My mechanic is an independent shop that worked with me to get my truck running again and I do believe him. Can there be another reason why the fluid was so black? Because I have never had this issue and it does seem like they failed to change it and lied.

Answer: There is really no way to tell for sure if they changed the transmission oil or not. When you say you just had major repairs done, i assume you mean a total rebuild of the transmission. So this makes me think that originally the dealer did change the fluid, but the trans was having slipping or other internal problems that caused the fluid to go black until it finally failed and you now had to have these recent repairs done.

Basically, the trans was going out and burned up to the point you are at now.

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