1997 Crown Victoria No Brake Lights - Shifter Problem

1997 Ford Crown Victoria Brake Lights.

Engine Size : v8
Question: Brake lights do not work. I can shift from park to drive without applying brake. Fuse is good. Bulbs are good. Replaced BOO switch.

When I replaced the switch, the lights did come on for a moment but back to not working. What do I do next?

The BOO Switch ( Brake on - off ) should have fixed it. This is a very common problem on this and other Ford cars. You say that after replacing it you had brake lights for a little while, then they stopped again. I would bet that when the lights worked, the shifter also worked correctly. I would suspect that you have a loose connection near the switch. While replacing it, the wires and harnesses get moved a little. Look closely at the terminals in the switch. See if one looks sort of hollowed out- wider internal diameter, pull on each wire to see if one will stretch or break. Move around the other wiring in the area to see if you can get the brake lights to come on or flicker.

This can be a little difficult. You would need to have the brake pedal depressed, and someone at the back of the car watching the lights while you move the harnesses. Have the person in the back of the car yell as soon as he sees anything happen with the brake lights, then you know you are in the general area of the wiring problem. If the shifter is not related, then sounds like a bad shift interlock solenoid- but i would bet these two problems are related.

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  • Guest - gorg

    I have a Ford Crown Victoria, 2007. Why does the IDL go up and down?