2003 Ford Windstar Turn Signals and Interior Lights Problem

2003 Ford Windstar. V6 3.8 L.

Question Here: My problem is no flasher on right side and no interior lights, code scanner error, so is it the ECM or PCM defect or else.

Answer: Lighting problems with the right side turn signal and interior lights would have nothing to do with the ECM or PCM. One side turn signal not flashing is usually a bulb or bulb socket problem on that side. It would not be a flasher, since the left side works fine. Check all bulbs and then the sockets to see if they are corroded green or burned black. If all looks OK, you would then need a schematic to test for power into each bulb, and test the ground side. Turn the signals on and walk around your Windstar looking for the bulb that does not light up. That is were to concentrate.

For the interior lights, check all the fuses. Make sure the interior control switch is not in the OFF position. Open all doors to see if they come on with any. the one door that does not turn on the lights may have a bad switch. The scan of codes showing ERROR could be a bad scanner, wiring problem, no power to the diagnostic connector, or a bad ECM etc. Normally a bad computer would cause the vehicle no not start.

Ford Windstar Turn Signal Problem

2002 Ford Windstar
Engine Size : 3.8 I think
Question: I have all 3 corners that blink left or right or hazard,but the right front one does not blink. The running light works but doesn't blink. Could it be the Front Electronic Module(FEM)? Or something totally different?

Answer: No, it does not sound like the module, since the other 3 corners work fine. May just be a bad bulb or bulb socket. Replace that bulb and inspect the socket for being burned. You would then need a test light in to see if that circuit is blinking. You would need a schematic to get the correct  wires to test for power in and a ground.

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  • Guest - AL.

    Headlights will not turn off. When running will not come on.

  • Guest - Chuck

    In reply to: Guest - AL.

    Possibly a headlight switch problem or a wiring issue.