Ford Focus Gear Shifter Problem

So I Have A ford Focus 2009 and the other night I got a flat tire on the high and I was trying to get over. I get in the free lane and I trying to park and check out what happen as i was going on instead coming to a complete stop I kinda ram my gear in park and now she won't start up.

Answer: If you slammed the gear shifter into park on your Ford Focus as the car was still moving, there are several things that may be wrong.

You may have damaged the gear shift cable and now the transmission is not fully in park. Any car will not start unless the vehicle is in park.

You might have caused damage to the lever that connects the cable to the transmission. If it is bent, the transmission may not be in park.

There could be damage inside the transmission. If this is case, you are going to have to have a mechanic look at it.

For a floor shifter, that could also be bent.

The car also have an electrical sensor that tells the computer what gear you are in. That could be broken to.

As you can see, there are many things that may be wrong with your Ford Focus. You are going to have to get it towed to s shop.

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