1999 Ford Escort Shakes When Driving

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 Engine Size : 2.0L VCT.

Question: My 1999 ford Escort zx2 has a tendency to shake violently when cruising with the throttle. its a 5 speed. is this a clutch issue, or could my malfunctioning cam positioning sensor be affecting it?

Answer: if it shakes badly when you give it a little more gas from a steady speed this is usually the sign of an ignition system problem. Could be a bad spark plug, plug wire or ignition coil. It could also be a slipping clutch. If the clutch is one out – you would know this by the clutch pedal having to come all the way up to the top before it engages, then this could be your problem as well.

A camshaft position sensor would not do something like this. A crankshaft position sensor could, but you have a check engine light on the dash. If you do, you need to get a computer scan of the stored trouble codes. If the check engine light is not on you really need to have a mechanic drive it to feel it then he can decide if it's transmission or engine related.

Ford Contour Needs More Power

2000 Ford Contour SVT Engine Size : 2.5
Question: what parts can i replace to make my car gain its horsepower back.

Answer: If you mean that the car has lost power from what it used to have, then there can be many reasons for this. First, make sure the engine is properly tuned-up with quality parts. Some off-brand spark plugs can cause the engine to actually loose power. Use Motorcarft parts. Check fuel pressure,  It may be low because of a restricted fuel filter. Make sure your air filter is clean. A cleaning of the fuel injectors is another thing that may help. Clean the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.

This tells the computer how much air is entering the engine, thus how much fuel should be delivered. There are many aftermarket systems that can also increase power. But use those at your own rick. If the check engine light is on, get a scan of the computer codes. This can be done for free at most of the large national parts store chain.

Clutch Pedal Problem

2001 V6 MUSTANG Engine Size : 3.8

Answer: This would not be hydraulics. i would look close at engine and trans mounts, a flywheel that is out of round or loose drivetrain bolts.

Ford Fusion Vibration

2012 Ford Fusion SE. When I accelerate from a stop, I feel a vibration followed by a clunking sound. then rides normal until the next stop.

Answer: A vibration and clunking sound may be a worn or loose front drive axle or CV joint. The CV Joint (Constant velocity Joint) is what connects the two halves of the drive axles together. Each side. Have the axles boots checked for being split. A split boot lets t5he grease out and will cause a noise and vibration.

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  • Guest - basim al banna

    i have ford scape 2005 when i drive the care there shakes . my Q IS WHAT IT COULD BE ? 2- WHERE IS THE LOCATION OF GAS FILTER

  • Guest - JK

    In reply to: Guest - basim al banna

    Shaking can be caused by bad tires or worn out steering components.

  • Guest - Michael

    Thanks. The advice helped a lot.