2005 Ford F-150 Hesitation When Stepping on Gas

Question: 2005 Ford F-150 is hesitating when accelerating.
Hesitating when in drive but sitting still and the belt squeals sometimes. It feels almost as if it's missing spark, but I have no check engine light on. Also on the transmission dipstick it has a grid area for the fluid level but it says cold

on the dipstick close to the grid area. Hot isn't on either side but half way up the dipstick it says check when hot idling in park. Fluid is pink and doesn't have any burnt smell to it. I'm trying to figure out if this could possible be the transmission. But if it feels like it is missing when it's in drive but only when I'm at a complete stop. Also have tried Lucas Fuel treatment for the fuel injectors- did not help the problem.

Answer: A bad spark plug or wire is most common to do this and sometimes will not set the check engine light. Has it been more than 40,000mi since the last engine tune up? I would do that first. You also may have moisture in the fuel. Install- a new filter and put some Drygas in it. Have the codes read on it. Sometimes there are codes set in the computer even if the check engine light is not on. Does the engine light come on when you turn the key to on position before you start the truck? Sometimes a misfire will not be read by the computer, it may just make the fuel mixture rich so the computer leans out the mixture to the rest of the cylinders to compensate. All it takes is a hair line crack in a spark plug porcelain insulator to cause a misfire. Spark problems are the most common cause of hesitation when accelerating.

F-250 Won't Start Just Clicks

Question: 1992 f250 7.5 litre
Repairs for this problem = Solenoid on firewall replaced.
Wont start not even a click on battery. Have had to slam clutch to floor then would start. Starter relay on top of starter is warm after been sitting for 4 or 5 hours. I unplugged the wire until i get this solved.

Answer: If slamming the clutch to the floor gets it to crank, then this may be the clutch pedal switch. Similar to a neutral safety switch on an automatic transmission vehicle. But if the starter is getting warm, the clutch pedal thing may just be a coincidence. A starter getting hot usually points to a faulty starter or ground wire problem.

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  • Guest - Bill

    Had a check engine light and misfire code P0300 on my 2003 F-150 truck. They changed the spark plugs and spark plug wires at a cost of over $250. The repairs fixed my truck and I passed the emissions/smog test the first time. Thanks for your help on this problem with my Ford.

  • Guest - barry

    Cleaned up the connection. When I disconnected the the battery sounds like starter disengaged and when I hooked it back up after cleaning at starter, it kicked in and out then proceded to get warm again.

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - barry

    OK, then something is engaging the starter constantly. Either the relay is bad, unless it is doing the same thing as with the old old one, or you have a wiring problem that is trying to engage the starter like you are turning the key.

  • Guest - barry

    Thanks. I'll try cleaning up the connections first then change starter before trying clutch safety switch.