2000 Ford Windstar Speedometer and Temp Gauge

2000 Ford Windstar

Engine Size : 6 cyl.
Question : While driving I heard a click, my speedometer went up to 120, the rpm went to 0, and the temperature gauge went up to hot. After driving a few minutes I heard another click and everything went back to normal.

The car was running fine. Any idea what might have caused this to happen?

Answer:  Your problem sounds like you might have a loose connection under the dash. I assume the click you heard was somewhere in the dash when the speedometer and temperature gauge acted up. You will need to have the van running and have someone watch those gauges while you go under the dash and start pulling out wiring harnesses. By doing this you can cause the problem to reappear sometimes. That is unless it is a module going bad. Modules can also make clicking sounds as well as relays in the fuse box. You are going to have to get your Ford Windstar to act up again before you can find the definite problem if you cannot make it happen by doing what I just described.

Comment: You will also want to check all the ground connections under the dash and also under the hood. A loose ground will cause kinds of electrical problems on your Ford.

Loose grounds will cause voltage problems and can cause a module to malfunction. Computers and modules need full system voltage to operate properly. Low voltage can cause these components to reset, click on and off or just flat out act up all crazy. 

Also check the connections on the battery and and the alternator. Have your van running and have someone under the hood so he can pull and move wiring harnesses around to try to get the thing to act up again. If you can get it to act up while doing this, then you have a wiring problem and not a module or anything like that.

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