Lost My Keys Now Need New Ignition and Door Cylinder

Hello friends,

i have a problem with the key of my car. Armed robbers came to my house last week, and took away my valuables, included in what they took is the key to my Oldsmobile Alero sedan car. Right now, I only have the spare key, but I cant use it for fear that they may come for the car.

I would like to have another lock or key which can not be accessible to the thieves. What do i do to get another set of keys. If i need to go to the dealers, how can i find them. I need to start using my car soon, please help.

Welcome back. To avoid the bad guys from getting into and stealing your car, since 1 key fits the doors, trunk and ignition, you will need to replace the door lock cylinders, truck cylinder and the ignition cylinder- also know as the passkey cylinder and a different key to fit them. For the ignition, a theft relearn procedure would also need to be done. That is where the security code is produced, then sent to the Body Control Module (BCM) to allow your car to start.

Any GM dealer can do these repairs. Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac. Expect to pay approximately 1 and 1/2 hours labor for the Passlock cylinder and relearn, 1/2 hour for the trunk, and 1 1/2 for each door. The alternate way is to just replace the ignition and a new key, but they would still be able to get into the car, just not steal it.

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  • Guest - Marlyna Niiha

    Hello there,I have a question. What do I do for my Alero ignition,due to purse getting stolen n car keys were both in the purse...how do I go about replacing/fixing my vehicle?