Wipers Won't Park Down On Windshield

2004 Oldsmobile Alero Engine Size : 2.2L.

Question: We just replaced the windshield wiper motor on my car but the windshield wiper arms are out of alignment. When in the "off" position the wipers stop upwards on the windshield rather than at the bottom. Tried to position them several different ways but they still seem to be off. Could we have put the bar that the motor mounts to upside down or the wrong way? any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer: You most likely installed everything correctly, but there is a procedure that needs to be done to get the wiper arms 'timed' correctly. You'll have to remove the wiper arms again and start from scratch. What you should do is, have everything plugged in, the wiper arms off, and the key on. Turn the wipers on, and then off, and then let them park. Turn the key off, and install the wiper arms/blades again in the parked position at the base of the windshield. Make sure you get the nuts tight to hold down the arms so they do not spin. Start the car up and turn the wipers on again and everything should be fine.

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