1999 Olds Intrigue Heater and Blower Going Crazy

1999 Olds Intrigue.

Question: i am wondering my heater and ac is going crazy it will not come on no lights show up on it and i have replaced the control panel where all the knobs are and it still will not come on but i can be driving down the road and it will start blowing warm air but only for like 5 to 10 minutes what is wrong with it i love the car but i got to young kids and not having heat is a big problem i even thought about taking it back to car lot and leaving it there please help if you know what its problem is.

Answer: You probably have an electrical problem that is causing the heater control head not to work. You might want to check the connections on the back of the unit, just to make sure there is nothing loose and causing an intermittent problem. There could also be a problem with the blower motor or the blower resistor. Sometimes the blower resistor gets too hot and burns up. Or, the blower motor itself could be internally failing. Either of these would need checking, both physically and electrically. They are located under the passenger side of the dash, behind the trim panel. If that isn't the problem, you going to start to have to look further into the wiring for the HVAC system, and try to find a short circuit or fault that is preventing the heat from working. Possible ignition switch or a problem inside one of the fuse boxes.

Reply: i am not sure if i am talking to a girl or guy but i have a few problems with my 1999 Olds Intrigue first the heater started going crazy it would not show no lights would not come on or nothing but I could be driving down the road and it would come on for just a few minutes then shut back off and then last night i was woke in the middle of the night to hy horn sounding like someone was just holding it down i tried to make it hush and nothing i done would not even cranking it so i had to get my boyfriend outta bed at like 3 in the morning to go unplug my horn what could be causing all this to happen. I had it put on a machine and the motor is showing nothing to be wrong and now i stuck on what to have fixed any help is appreciated and needed so thank you for your time.

Answer: With the new addition of the horn condition, this could be a problem in the horn pad itself, or related to all the other issues. If related, i would lean toward a problem in one of the fuse boxes, or a faulty Body Control Module (BCM), since it also controls the horn.

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  • Guest - gloria dixon

    turn my fan on a 2000 Alero go for a while and then go back off then later come back ON

  • Guest - gloria dixon

    what causes my heater fan to kick on and off when I turn itand it stops in and start blowing again later

  • Guest - cindy

    My heater fan will not shut off even when the key is off any ideas

  • Guest - Lois

    In reply to: Guest - cindy

    Sounds like maybe the blower resistor control module is shorted out keeping the blower powered up.

  • Guest - nikki

    Does the BCM also control my heater and where is it located at? Thank you very much.

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - nikki

    The BCM does not control the heater, but it does control the lighting in the unit. The igntion switch powers both the heater and the BCM.

  • Guest - nikki

    In reply to: Guest - Tech

    Well that's the problem. It's not that my heater just won't light up, it is that it won't even kick the blower onto blow air out. So I guess that it isn't the BCM. Thank you for your advice.

  • Guest - nikki

    Yes sir I did but now since my horn has went crazy with my heater not coming on except when it wants for like 5 to 10 mins and now my horn is blowing by itself just like someone is holding it down. Is this all because of one big problem or is it several? I'm really confused on what to try to buy to fix it and I appreciate all your advice. My dad seems to think it is the ignition switch going bad but I do not see how that affects my heater and horn at all, but thank you.