2001 Pontiac Grand Am Engine Noise

2001 Pontiac Grand Am Engine Size : 2.4

Question: My car made a loud banging noise and increased when i pushed on the gas pedal and gained speed. Mechanic tells me I need a whole new motor? Is that correct? I only have 140,000 km's on it.

Answer: that really depends on what the noise is inside your engine. If it is a deep knocking sound then that is the sign of a possible crankshaft main bearing, Rod bearing, piston noise or some other bottom and component. If it is more of a clicking or clacking sound then that could be something on the top end. Something like a rocker arm, valve lifter or even timing chain noise. In either case an engine is usually repairable depending on how bad and how loud the noises. If something totally let go inside the engine of your Pontiac then there may very well be metal inside the oil then that would've traveled throughout the engine damaging all other parts. Did the mechanic put oil pressure gauge on it? Maybe the engine lost oil pressure and cause a lot of damage. Really no way for me to tell without hearing it for myself or at least seeing a description of exactly what the mechanic found wrong.

1998 Pontiac Gran Am. Engine Size : v6
Question: engine light is on with a arrow with water below it.

Answer: That means that the coolant level is low. It could be leak externally, or internally inside the engine if you have bad head gaskets, or a leaking intake. If the cooling system has not been maintained, it could be just from a low level due to not adding coolant over the years. If you see coolant on the ground, you have a leak and it would need to get fixed. Could be a water pump, or a radiator hose, or even a leaking radiator. It's best to get something like this looked at rather quickly, because if you're driving around with a low coolant level, you risk overheating the engine and causing big problems.

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  • Guest - Tracy

    i hear knocking noise when start car and is in idle on driver side. 2001 Pontiac Grand Am..Can still hear while driving but not as much as when car isnt moving

  • Guest - TBROWN

    I hear a knocking noise in the engine but only when the ac is turned on, what could it be?

  • Guest - shawn

    My car died after I changed the thermostat on it and it makes a clicking and knock sound like it's not getting any oil to the top of the motor.