1999 Grand Am Alternator Not Charging- Has Been Replaced

Charging problem with my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am.
Engine size = 3.4 V6
Dash lights = Battery light
Repair work done prior = Replaced new alternator - twice
Work done to repair this problem = Replaced Crank pulley, Power steering pulley and crank sensor
question = After replacing the crank and power steering pulleys along with the crank sensor, I started the engine and the battery light stays on.  I checked the battery and found it to be low so I charged fully and reinstalled it along with a new rebuilt alternator from Autozone.

I did find a burnt wire from the starter and repaired it.  My son accidentally arched the cable from the back of the Alternator.  Before that the vehicle would run for about 1 minute and die.  After repairs to the wiring on the starter and installing the recharged battery, the same condition exists.  The vehicle starts, runs for a couple of minutes then the battery light illuminates but the vehicle doesn't die.  I checked for Alternator output and am only getting 10 to 11.5 volts with a alternator tester.  Any suggestions?  I have checked for pinched wires and checked fuses.

Answer: You will first need to check for power at the small orange wire and the large red wire on the back of the alternator. They should both have power with the engine running or the key in the ON position. Orange wire fed by the GEN / BATT fuse in the underhood fuse box. Red wire fed by a fusible link.

I would think that either the fuse or the fusible link is blows. Arching the wires may have blown either one of these.

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  • Guest - Blair

    I have the same problem there is power going to the alternator but nothing coming out its new i just changed it

  • Guest - Tony

    In reply to: Guest - Blair

    I have the same problem there is power going to the alternator but nothing coming out its new i just changed it
    <br />Ya, may be PCM problem not turning on the regulator in the alternator. The new ones are controlled by the PCM, sso if your car is 2002 or newer, this may be your problem.

  • Guest - paqtti

    Where's the fuse in the red line? Mine vanishes into a plastic covering and other lines. None of my fuses under the hood are blown, but I have the exact same problem. Thanks.

  • Guest - Mark

    In reply to: Guest - paqtti

    If you are talking about the large red wire, there is no fuse for it. It is a fuseible link that gets its power either at the starter or another junction block. Depends on your car year, make, model.

  • Guest - Louis

    In reply to: Guest - Mark

    VA Grand Am where is the fusible link