1998 Grand Am ABS Brake and ETS Light Warning

1998 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 Litre

ABS and Brake Lights on changed wheel sensor,complete master cylinder and motor,and controller. ETS light went out but rest of lights stayed on I checked wires . They are OK. What will straighten this out.

Answer: If all these things check out good, then what you need to do is look VERY closely at the toothed ring on the front axles. That is what triggers the sensor. If the ring is cracked, or has a tooth missing, it will give odd ABS activations and a light. If you have a code that tells you which side has ABS problem, look at that side. If you don't know the code, check them both.

Problem with my 1998 Pontiac Grand AM 4 cyl.
Almost al warning lights on, gauges not functional.

Answer: Be sure to check all fuses. Could be the dash cluster itself, or the Body Control module (BCM). The BCM controls the gauges. You would need a scanner to look at data and stored trouble codes to see if BCM is telling the dash to move the gauges. Also there are some tests that can be done with a scanner.

1999 Pontiac Grand AM 3.4L V6.
Question: car shakes when reaches 60 to 80 km.

Answer: Shaking or vibrating at higher speeds usually means a bad tire, or tires that are out of balance. You could also possibly have a bent wheel that is causing a vibration. If the shaking happens only when you hit the brakes, you have warped front rotors and/or rear drums. If you can get the car on a jack or jack stands, you can spin each tire by hand and see if the wheel is bent, or the tire is wobbling on the rim. Sometimes a belt inside the tire will be off position, which you would be able to see while it is spinning. If you have to replace the tires, they all will need to be balanced again. The front end should be checked for excessive play in the tie rods and other suspension components. You might want to consider getting front end alignment as well if that hasn't been done in a while.

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