2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4l V6. Security light on. After it starts for about 2 seconds and dies.
The car will start and die after about 2 seconds. Has a anti theft code in computer.The security light will stay on after the car dies. Have tried to relearn it as a temp fix but the light will not go out. Have waited as long as 20 mins. The door locks are not working either or trunk lock on drivers door. The key fob is not working either (battery may be dead in it).

We checked fuses. Key cylinder will allow the key and turn over with no problem. Just went to get back in car and would not fire up again. It also has a code U100 code communication. I think that was what it said i did have the radio unplugged at the time. Was back in when i tried to relearn the system. The radio doesn't work either. Gives me the LOC warning on the radio. Whats the process of elimination. Thanks a lot!

Answer: Well, the radio could be a blown fuse, or a bad radio. I assume you checked all the fuses.

The relearn for the security does not work because there is a current problem- as compared to an intermittent.
The security problem is most common a faulty ignition cylinder. This is the sensor for the Passlock security system. Have also had some ignition switches cause this. But with the locks and trunk problem, this makes me think a Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM controls all these. It would seem odd to have several different problems all at once, but not be related- although it has happened.
I would remove the lower panel from the passenger side dash and unplug the BCM to look at connectors to see if corroded, or green from water.

The Body Control Module (BCM) corroded connectors under the passenger side of dash. This can cause the theft or security light, as well as problems with the power door locks of interior lights.

Pontiac Engine size = v6
Security warning light is flashing.
Question: My son was being bad with our car! Hit a light pole, we have instructed him that he is to do all the repairs himself and such..
He as removed the bumper .. (first part of the repair). Also the car was drivable before he removed the front bumper. Now the car will not start with the security light blinking. We would like to load the car onto a dolly to take it to his uncle's house for the rest of the job.

Answer: The security light flashing would have nothing to do with the front bumper being removed. If it was in such an accident, there is no telling if any wires were damaged. You might start with a theft / security relearn procedure. The fact that it is flashing means the car is not seeing the correct security code from the key ignition. Without the year and model of this Pontiac, i could not even tell you which relearn procedure to use.

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  • Guest - Doug

    O have a2001 pon t grand am by starts and stops in two seconds new fuel pump sounds good for them two seconds

  • Guest - charles meeks

    i have a 99 grand am gt. it will start and run for about two seconds and die. will start right back but does the same over and over. just replaced the fuel pump. wasnt the problem. It has a blown head gasket and all of my coolant goes out my exhaust. i have some K&M block sealant.

  • A blown headgakset can prevent your Pontiac from starting and staying running, but the fact that it runs for 2 seconds then dies sounds like a theft problem. The above article should explain it all.

  • Guest - Merry Berg

    It's a 2001 Grand Am Gt .. <br />I would like to suggest this "relearn Procedure" . <br />Can you advise? <br />Thank you.<br /><br />mom of teenage boys !

  • Guest - Jon

    Thanks for your help. It was the bcm. The circuit board was full of water and fried. Now going to do the relearn procedure after hooking up a new BCM, thanks!!