Do I Need a Scanner To Pull ABS Codes

2007 Pontiac Torrent ABS Problem.

Replaced left front and left rear hub bearings
Is there any way to retrieve ABS codes without a scanner?

Answer: There is no way to pull ABS codes from the computer of your Pontiac Torrent. It is not like older model cars and trucks when you could ground a terminal in the diagnostic connector and count the flashing warning light. Today's vehicles must use a scanner. In fact, on you Torrent, the scanner must also be able to communicate on GM's high speed LAN system. This is a Local Area Network- similar to office and home networking. All the computers talk to each other on newer vehicles over a network, and the scan tool must be able to communicate on the network.

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  • Guest - Mechanic Paul

    You cannot get codes without a scanner. Read the explanation above. They have it right.

  • Guest - tdhrth

    In reply to: Guest - Mechanic Paul

    wrgter teh rt

  • Guest - royce

    can you get codes with out scaner 2001 montana