Brakes in My 2000 Sunfire Make a Thump Noise

Rear Brakes problem with my 2000 Pontiac Sunfire 4 cylinder 2.2L.

GM Computer codes = no
Repairs made- rear drums turned all springs replaced new brake shoes on both sides.
Question = im driving down the road hit the brakes and feel thump thump and here click click the more i press harder and the noise becomes louder and more repetitive.

Answer: Well, I will assume that the feel and the noise is not from the front. A rule of thumb is that if the rear are thumping and pulsing, you would feel it in the pedal. If it were the front, you would not, you would feel it in the car.

The drums may have not been turned correctly, and are out of round, or have a hot spot on them. This would be a dis colorization in a spot of the drum. Make sure that there is some grease on the shoe / to backing plate slide areas. Three spots on each shoe. The wheel cylinder may be loose, or the backing plate loose. If no ABS light, then that is not the problem. If this work was done to fix the same problem, and no change, then i would look at the front brakes if all else looks OK in the rear.

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