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Main Bearing Noise

Damaged or worn main bearing noise is revealed by dull thuds or knocks which happen on every engine revolution. This noise is loudest when the engine is under heavy load. Excessive crankshaft end play is indicated by an intermittent rap or knock sharper than a worn main bearing.

The following are causes of main bearing noise:

  • Low oil pump pressure
  • Thin, diluted or dirty oil and/or filter
  • Excessive main bearing clearance
  • Excessive crankshaft end play
  • Out-of-round crankshaft journals
  • Loose crankshaft pulley
  • Loose flywheel or torque converter
  • Loose main bearing cap

Connecting rod Bearings

A damaged or worn connecting rod bearing will produce knock under all speeds. During the early stages of wear, connecting rod noise may be confused with piston slap or loose wrist pins. Connecting rod knock noise increases in volume with engine speed and is at its loudest on deceleration.

The following are causes of connecting rod bearing noise:

  • Excessive bearing clearance
  • Worn crankshaft connecting rod journal
  • Thin, diluted or dirty oil and/or filter
  • Low oil pressure
  • Crankshaft connecting rod journals out-of-round
  • Misaligned connecting rod
  • Connecting rod bolts not properly torqued
  • The wrong bearing inserts or misaligned bearing half

Timing Chain and Gears

Engines designed with timing gears, or those equipped with a timing chain and sprockets, can produce different noise. The most common noise is a high frequency, light-knocking sound. This sound will generally be the same in intensity whether the engine is idling, operating at high speeds, or under load.

The following are causes of timing gear or chain and sprocket noise:

  • Worn timing chain and/or gears
  • Misaligned gears
  • Excessive backlash
  • A damaged tooth
  • Gear or sprocket loose on the shaft
  • Too much end play in the camshaft or crankshaft

Loose or improperly seated camshaft timing gears are usually loudest when warm. They are speed sensitive only. They are not load sensitive.

Cam gear noise will usually be evident at a warm idle in neutral and sounds much like a loose timing chain noise.

Piston Noise

Piston pin, piston, and connecting rod noise are hard to separate. A loose piston pin, for example, causes a sharp double knock usually heard when the engine is idling, or during sudden acceleration then deceleration of the engine. A piston pin that has been improperly fitted will emit a light ticking noise that is more noticeable with no load on the engine. Excessive piston-to-cylinder bore clearance will cause piston slap noise. The noise is similar to a metallic knock, as if the piston were "slapping" the cylinder wall during its stroke. As with most engine noise, understanding the cause of the noise will help you imagine what the noise sounds like. An indication of piston slap is a decrease in noise as the engine warms up. When the engine is cold, the piston to bore clearance is greater and piston slap will be louder.

Flywheel Noise

A loose or cracked flywheel will produce an irregular thud or click. To test for a loose or cracked flywheel, operate the vehicle at approximately 32 km/h (20 mph) and shut off the engine. If a thud is heard, the flywheel may be loose or damaged. This type of thud is loudest on deceleration. Loose torque converter-to-flywheel or flywheel-to-crankshaft bolts will sound similar to bearing knock. This condition produces several raps during quick acceleration on a free running engine. Depending on the idle smoothness, when the transaxle is in gear, the noise may or may not appear. Check the torque converter-to-flywheel and the flywheel-to-crankshaft bolts before attempting to investigate any bearing-related knock.

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# bj hancock 2011-03-24 19:29
What if the engine is sputtering, skipping, and knocking?
# TechHeader 2011-06-16 21:28
Quoting bj hancock:
what if the engine is sputtering, skiping and nocking?

Quoting bj hancock:
what if the engine is sputtering, skiping and nocking?

Sputtering and skipping is an engine misfire. Knocking is internal engine damage. This would cause the misfire. Check oil level and oil pressure. Sounds like the engine is junk.
# dmilford 2011-06-14 18:53
I have a 2006 Chevrolet Impala SS. When I get in sit on the drivers seat there is a clicking sound coming from under the passenger side dash. Some say may be the anti theft device. Some say air condition device. Any suggestions when you turn the car off it still clicks for about 10 seconds.
# TechHeader 2011-06-16 21:30
Quoting dmilford:
i have a 2006 impala SS when i get in sit on the drivers seat there is a clicking sound coming from under the pass. dash Some say may be the anti theft device some say air condition device any suggestions when you turn the car off it still clicks for about 10 sec

Anti-theft or security system will not cause a clicking in the dash. It could be a temperature door actuator motor for the A/C. If you have trouble starting it, then the noise could be caused by low voltage to a relay or computer. that can be caused by a bad ignition switch or Body Control Module (BCM).
# marc 7d2chevy 2012-04-01 01:09
My 1972 Chevelle has a zz3 345 hp 350 and it has a bearing sound like a water pump going out so I replaced it still doing so I tested and replaced the alternator and belt any help. Thanks.
# Tom 2012-04-03 11:07
Remove the Belt(s) and see if the noise goes away. If it does, use a stethoscope to find out where the noise is coming from after putting the belt back on.
# duane hartley 2012-12-04 16:06
floting fly wheel barren worn duane hartley
# leanne 2012-04-06 04:41
Hi. I have an 2006 Chrysler 300c, and lately it's been acting crazy. When I first turn it on in the morning, the engine knocks, the lights on the dash start flashing, gages don't read, headlights don't turn on, there's a strange sound that comes from the shifter and everything starts beeping. Also, if I attempt to turn on the wipers, they stutter. But when I restart the car, it would all away - except sometimes the lights still won't turn on. I've taken it to a mechanic who told me pep boys put the wrong oil in it, that it was too light in color and pressure was too low (19 @ rest, 39 driving). So he changed the oil, problem returned a week later. He changed it again and reset the battery. It was fine for a month, and then it came back today. What the crap?
# Paul 2012-04-08 22:09
Engine knocking has nothing to do with the electical problems. You coud have a loose connection at the battery or alternator, a bad alternator or a loose connection at any number or wiring harnesses or grounds.
# Barbara 2012-04-13 15:05
My 2001 Buick La Sabre has developed a double thump sound usually heard when stopping. It comes from the right rear. We have replaced the rear shocks and rear brakes so that is good. Noise seemed to stop for a while and now we notice it occasionally. How can we check to see if it is the load leveler/pump? Car appears level now but prior to the shock replacement we noticed less wheel clearance on that right rear. Steers and handles fine and brakes are great. Please advise. That occasional muffled thunk-a -thunk sound has us puzzled!
# Paul 2012-04-14 12:42
Does not sound like the level system. Check control arm and trailing arm bushings for being worn out.
# Sally 2012-05-16 17:12
Thank you for this great information. I have a knocking noise in my car engine, now i think i know what the problem is.
# jennifer 2012-05-24 16:19
My dodge intrepid is making a knocking sound but stops when I accelerate. The sound is most prominent when vehicle is stopped at a light or something like that. The noise decreases when vehicle is in neutral...any guesses on what it could be?? Please help!!
# Tim 2012-05-26 18:30
Could be a broken crank pulley or flywheel.
# jennifer 2012-06-02 18:13
Ok I will have it checked thanks !!
# brian 2012-06-09 19:47
Irecently acquired a 1998 gmc jimmy that either has a broken flywheel or rod knock. I purchased a motor but it came from a 1994 chevy s10 my question is what has to be swapped over to make the engine run without the vortech heads
# Phil09 2012-06-15 10:19
You will have to modify or change the sensors, harnesses,alter nator and A/C mountings,compu ter, exhaust, etc.
# Terri 2012-06-19 17:38
have anoise when I stop at certain spots on the road in the rear under Trailblazer
# Samatha 2012-06-19 17:41
When going over bumps in the road I hear a noise in the rear under my Trailblazer what could this be ?
# Paul 2012-06-20 12:30
Most likly the rear stablizer bar bushings are worn our and need to be replaced.
# duane hartley 2012-12-04 16:12
crossmember bshings worn out
# April 2012-07-05 19:08
I have a 99 chevy silveraldo 1500. When i turn on the truck and it warms up, I start driving and theres a clicking sound coming from the passenger side under the truck. It gets louder when i go from a complete stop to acceleration. Does anyone have an idea what this might be? I have people telling me that it is the flywheel, or the exhaust, or muffler, or converter... I am confused and have no idea what it is.
# TechJ 2012-07-06 19:18
Could be any of those. Ticking could be a common problem of exhaust manifold bolts breaking off in the cylinder head. You should be able to hear it on one side or the other. A cracked flywheel is more noticable under the truck near the transmission.
# crissy 2012-07-13 07:24
My 1998 f150 started knockin. I went right home. Next time starting it it knocked again then it just stopped. The oil pressure never dropped. What would cause a knocking noise to come and go??
# Tech2 2012-07-16 12:14
Possibly a piece of carbon came loose from a valve and was knocking around in the cylinder. Then it got spit out.
# jordan 2012-07-14 12:52
i havea 2001 grand prix and i think a rod is knocking.. it shut off on me whilei was driving one day but luckly i got it started and drove it home. It still runs but there is a very loud knocking noise do i need a new motor?
# Tech2 2012-07-16 12:15
Ya, it sounds like it. If it was knocking bad enough to cause the car to stall, then sounds like the engine is junk.
# Justin 2012-08-02 07:30
I have a 2007 torrent and there seems to be a ticking noise from the engine area if the hood is open and you have somebody give it gas the ticking does not get louder but it just speeds up with the motor . what is the problem or is that just normal ? it does not knock just ticks
# Stosh 2012-08-03 10:08
The engine in your Pontiac Torrent does have a little ticking noise in it. If it were getting louder, then you would have a problem. If it just started, then you have a problem, if you just got the truck, i think you are hearing a normal condition.
# Tish 2012-08-25 08:32
I have a 2000 mitsubushi eclipse 4 cylinder. I have recently had my belts changed do to me hearing a squealing noise when I first start up my car that morning.. It was during the winter when that happened. After it warmed up the noise would stop.. Now it is summer and I hear a knocking noise when I'm sitting in one spot.. What could be the problem?
# Mechanic Paul 2012-08-27 22:56
A knocking could be any number of engine problems. Read above for some common causes.
# renee0225 2012-08-28 10:14
I have a 01 ford taurus and we was driving and all of the sudden we lost power and started missing the car was still running and then when we stopped we heard a knocking noise. We drove the car home with it still knocking, missing and losing power but it never died could it be a rod knocking?
# Mechanic Paul 2012-08-30 11:00
Yes, it could be a rod or a camshaft.
# renee0225 2012-08-30 18:55
Ok thank you thats kind of what my husband was thinking justwanted to see what someone else thought
# paul 2012-09-01 14:06
I have a 2000 chevy z71 with a 5.3 vortech. it has started missing really bad when u first start driving, after about 7 to 10 seconds of sputtering it picks up an runs fine for the most part, also it will miss once about every 5 seconds or so when ideling. Any answers would be appreciated.
# Christopher 2012-09-03 13:12
I have 1998 ford chevy van its knocking can someone help me please
# Mechboy 2012-09-04 08:12
Quoting Christopher:
I have 1998 ford chevy van its knocking can someone help me please

OK. So is it a Chevy or a Ford?
# Mechboy 2012-09-04 08:10
Check for a leaking fuel pressure regulator causing a rich condition. Check ignition coils and spark plug wires.
# Beverly 2012-09-04 09:16
I have a 2007 Ford Taurus SE; After the car starts there is a low growling sound, when the car is moving and I start to accelerate it then turns into a whine; by the time I going 65-70 mph its a high pitched whine! Almost sound like the car is stuck in gear or between gears!! You know what I mean?
# Beverly 2012-09-04 09:35
I did notice that before the noise started when I was going up a steep incline, then my engine light would flash on and off; the engine light would not stay on just flash on and off; then about 2 weeks later the noise started. I had just recently had the car serviced and there is 115,000 miles on it.
# Mechboy 2012-09-05 13:30
A flashing engine light means an engine misfire. The noise could be a front hub bearing.
# traking 2012-09-05 19:11
I have a 1998 Chevy Z71 truck -- I just drove it 300 + miles - all ran good then two days later a hose busted - fixed it. Now I crank it and there's knocking sound coming from engine? what could it be? is it ok to drive 20 miles to mechanic? there no oil pressure on gauge but oil on the stick when I check it. it has 183,000 miles.
# Mechanic Paul 2012-09-06 21:51
No oil pressure means DO NOT DRIVE IT. Oil on the stick is just the level of oil, not the pressure. Have it towed.
# Andy 2012-09-09 06:24
I have high oil pressure and a ticking sound on a mondeo zetec, I'm guessing blocked oil way/filter and it's the pressure release valve ticking?
# Jerry c 2012-09-23 00:58
I have a 2004 chevy impala when I started up and the eengine is cold it makes a low knocking sound I've heard that its normal but I want to know if it's normal or nor not please thank you
# Bobby 2012-09-23 20:51
On the 3400 engine, a slight knocking is normal. It is called Piston Slap. On the 3800, no noise is normal.
# twitty 2012-09-26 09:08
Have a 07 5 speed caliber a knock noise has just starter it runs engine is quiet but when a press peddle the knock starts up and go some what away. When i am inbetween shifting it sounds like a more of a hollow knock from the back of the engine firewall area when rpming down to shify to next gear. What gives
# Ted 2012-09-29 23:25
Quoting twitty:
Have a 07 5 speed caliber a knock noise has just starter it runs engine is quiet but when a press peddle the knock starts up and go some what away. When i am inbetween shifting it sounds like a more of a hollow knock from the back of the engine firewall area when rpming down to shify to next gear. What gives

What? You got an engine knock. I think. Cant understand a word you are saying !
# duane hartley 2012-12-04 16:24
put in some buster octine if nois stops it is spark knock
# Wil 2012-09-27 16:28
I have a 2006 buick lucerne. i have started to hear a wineing sound from the car as you drive faster does not do it at a stop and idle. and gets louder as you drive. what could ot be?
# Ted 2012-09-29 23:28
Check your power steering fluid and transmission fluid if it is engine speed related. If it is car speed related, may be a noisy front hub bearing.
# joe castillo 2012-09-30 00:44
I have a 2005 Chevy Tahoe all the lights turn on but when I turn the key to turn it on it makes a loud clicking sound. It don't start or anything. I passed cables nd still no response. What could it possibly be.
# Ted 2012-10-02 08:29
A loud clicking is the starter trying to crank the engine. Either hte starter is bad, or the battery is weak. just because the lights are on does not mean it has enough power to start the truck.
# SLM 2012-10-01 23:26
1999 oldsmobile alero V6 knocking noise started a while ago, noise is consistent during driving, acceleration, stopping, etc, but has gotten louder over time...?
# Ted 2012-10-06 22:25
Quoting SLM:
1999 oldsmobile alero V6 knocking noise started a while ago, noise is consistent during driving, acceleration, stopping, etc, but has gotten louder over time...?

Check for a coolant leak from the intake manifold causing the oil to look like a milkshake.
# jharris 2012-10-05 05:39
my 2000 f-350 gas truck is missing when i press the gas does not do this when not pressing the gas sounds like it suppose to
# Ted 2012-10-06 22:26
That is the sign of an ignition problem. Probably a bad spark plug or plug wire.
# Brett 2012-10-06 18:26
My 1998 S10 was making a knocking sound when I would it accelerate the knocking would get louder.. The next day it got louder and I went to take of from a stop light and only got like 15 feet and then I stopped running.
# Tony 2012-10-09 22:02
Sounds like your engine is now locked up. Either low oil pressure was what started it, or just a worn out motor.
# trina smith 2012-10-07 18:28
Ihave a 2005 booneville and when I start it upto let it warm up it knocks for like 5 mins
# duane hartley 2012-12-04 16:28
sounds like a valve lifter
# Julio torres 2012-12-18 19:33
My brother in law has a 2004 ford expedition he recently changed the oil and spark plugs them the motor started knocking could he have done something that caused this while doing what he did.
# Tony 2012-12-23 22:55
Quoting Julio torres:
My brother in law has a 2004 ford expedition he recently changed the oil and spark plugs them the motor started knocking could he have done something that caused this while doing what he did.

Not unless a spark plug broke and part of it fell into the cylinder.
# ernie 2013-02-07 10:50
i have 2003 tahoe and every morning turn the truck on it makes a knocking soud but stops in like 6 min but u can hear just a little knocking when i drive it not that loud ....is that something i should wrry about..
# JK 2013-02-11 09:52
Yes, your engine has an internal problem. Could be an oil pressure problem, sticking valve lifters, worn bearings etc.
# KC 2013-02-14 15:21
2006 Trailblazer 4.2 inline 6 has started making a tapping/clackin g noise it starts about 15-20 min. after I start it then at idle it will start soft then get louder the stop then start soft and then get louder and it keeps doing this.If I take the rpm up to around 2000 then it sounds like a sharp clacking noise.When I shout off engine I can hear what seems to be something dropping in the engine???
# KC 2013-02-14 15:31
Her is a link to Youtube I posted video of the engine sound.

# Techjk 2013-02-15 12:33
If you have done any work recently, it sounds like there is something bouncing around in the cylinder. If no work done you may have a broken valve spring. If it goes away sitting at idle in gear, i would check for a broken flywheel, even if it sounds like it is coming from the top of the engine- noise travels.
# KC 2013-02-15 15:02
Took valve cover off and didn't see anything that looks bad turned engine over everything looks to be ok only thing is very slight play in one of the cam gears.I'll check flywheel if not probably in the bottom of engine.I got a stethescope and the sound seems to be loudest at the bottom in the oil pan.
# Techjk 2013-02-15 16:24
Bottom of oil pan means either a bad main or rod bearing or crancked flywheel.
# Km 2013-02-19 21:02
I have a 2007 cobalt that has sat for over a year because I believe the motor is going on it. It is making a knocking sound when you press on the gas. This car was in a car accident as well but was still in driving condition until the knocking. I'm trying to see if it is worth me trying to fix or if I should just get what I can get for it? What would be a reasonable price to give?
# Techjk 2013-02-21 07:45
:-? That is impossible to say what the car is worth wiothout seeing it.
# Alan 2013-03-28 01:09
2003 Chevy 4.3 engine manual trans. Driving to work with no problems then about of the blue started making loud noise I can't described , but If I had to say.... A bunch of hammers hitting or banging around in a dryer. So loud beyond knocking. It died at a stop light. It will start easily but shakes and runs like crap. No warning signs at all. Wasn't overheating or leaking that I could see . Possible broken valve or blown engine ? It's been a great truck want to repair it. Need to know if I need to buy a new engine, or what. Please help.
# Tom 2013-03-29 23:34
Sounds like the engine is blown. It threw a rod or broke a piston.
# james 2013-05-08 11:16
have a 98 sunfire 2.2 used liquid glass to fix head gasket changed the oil needs done again water still mixed in oil but now my valves are ticking why??? please help
# Mike 2013-05-09 15:47
Don't use liquid glass !
# Nathan Hurley 2013-05-16 16:44
i have a 1997 buick lesabre has a bad nock and gets worse when you accellerate the oil preasure is normal when i first start it then after it gets warm it drops slowly to no oil preasure please tell me is it the oil pump or rod bearing or what
# Tom 2013-05-25 19:49
Yes, sounds like worn out bearings.
# Mike 2013-05-21 11:00
I have a 1998 chevy blazer 4.3 vortec i was driving then stalled started up and have heard knocking noise check egine light came on 2 days later check engine light is off driving good but still here slight knocking can it be a knocking sensor or bad gas thankyou for any help
# Tom 2013-05-25 19:53
Get the codes scanned. If the knock sensor is hearing a knock, then you need to get the engine fixed.
# Chandler 2013-05-23 14:49
I have a 2001 Saturn Sl2. Today coming home i went to make a right turn and my car began to thunk and then i lost all power to my wheels. trany fluid is leaking out and i cant seem to figure out did i blow my trany or is it my cv joint. any ideas?
# Tom 2013-05-25 21:10
Get a mechanic to drive it.
# aaron 2013-06-13 02:33
Truck hit a bump real hard and starting knocking and died and wont start its a 94 dodge dakota v6 4x4can u call me? 816 2947101
# Bill 2013-06-15 23:21
A bump should not cause the engine to stall or knock unless it had no oil in it.
# jesse 2013-06-13 16:46
have a 89 ford tempo, great condition, 145,002 kms. when put into drive and begin to accelerate I hear a slight knock. I hear this then going from reverse to drive or and time when going over speed bump, hitting the breaks when coming up to red light as well as acceleration.. I figured engine mount. there is 3, front, right front and tranny/motor mount. any other ideas, plz and thankyou
# Harry 2013-06-15 23:24
A motor mount would have been my first thought as well. But reading your problem, it almost sounds like a suspension problem. Check the tie rods, control arm bushings and strut rods.
# suleiman 2013-06-19 05:16
my car drips oil...it makes a creepy sound in the engine...it also brings out too much fumes from the exhaust pipe...please help. What could be wrong?
# Harry 2013-06-22 22:27
Your kidding right? You want us to tell you what is wrong with your car that drips oil, creepy sound, and smells ? REALLY !
How about this- you need to have a mechanic look at it, replace the engine, or get a new car !
# JamesM 2013-07-07 22:17
That's a bit too vague to say anything for sure, but it sounds like it could be either a cracked engine block or blown head gasket. I am no professional though. You should have a mechanic take a look.
# James 2013-06-20 02:04
I have a 2003 honda civic lx, i heard knocking sound everytime i begine to move backwards and there is a unusual sound when i shifting from 3rd gear to 2nd gear or when it was on engine breaking. HELP! Service center cannot identify the problem!
# Tom 2013-06-22 22:28
Quoting James:
I have a 2003 honda civic lx, i heard knocking sound everytime i begine to move backwards and there is a unusual sound when i shifting from 3rd gear to 2nd gear or when it was on engine breaking. HELP! Service center cannot identify the problem!

Check engine mounts and transmission.
# Sarah 2013-06-29 16:01
I have a 2001 chevy prizm and every time I start my care before its warmed up it makes a knocking sound when I shift from park. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?
# JamesM 2013-07-07 22:11
I have a 1990 Chevy S10 with a manual-transmis sion. It makes a kind-of ping/knock (but more of a ping) whenever I put it into gear, take it out of gear, hit the gas or let off the gas and at some other random times too, but only when the truck is rolling. Any ideas?
# Trey 2013-07-08 09:20
I have a 99 Chevrolet silverado. Lately, when I accelerate from 0-15 mph the engine sounds "loud" like the rpms should be high (but they aren't). Once I get above 15-20 mph, everything sounds normal. Any idea? I really appreciate your help.
# Juan 2013-07-12 05:49
I got a 2005 Chevy Silverado I open up the heads remove the knock sensors cap off and find out the timing chain sprocket was really lose Would that cause it to lose your Oilpressure
# MD 2013-07-22 12:57
2003 envoy 6cyl knocks at all speeds and at idle will it cause extensive damage to engine if we continue to drive it?
# myidge 2013-08-27 11:31
After getting hot once there seems to be a slight knock in lower engine . Wat could cause this
# Jake 2013-08-28 14:26
Have a 1994 chevy silverado 2500 and there's a ticking/knockin g noise under my hood. What could it be?
# moneymaker 2013-08-30 07:48
Sounds like car runs beautiful until you get up to bout 20 or round 1000-1500 rpms in park at idle cant hear anything but knocks the more throttle you give it whats wrong
# J messer 2013-09-07 20:24
Knocking in the exhaust what would that be. Not in the motor but coming from the exhaust.
# bill 2013-09-10 11:19
Might be a bad catalytic converter. When they fail, they get loose inside and rattle.
# Guest 2013-09-21 11:19
2005 expedition knocking but no power loss. Changed oil and still making this knocking noise. It does not knock when first started in the morning.
# JJ Hannah 2013-09-22 20:00
Have a chevy s10 SS start it up and runs but acts like it has a miss fire and then acts like is going to die and has a bad knock on passanger side where the valve cover is at I'm thinking a lifter or valve any info could help thanks.
# teresa 2013-09-26 10:40
I have 2010 jeep it had clicking sound and no power all at once what could it be?
# mike 2013-10-30 00:10
I have a 99 supercharged gtp pontiac and whenit boost up all the way atound 4500-5000 rpm it makes a loun noise and car slows down what can.it be
# Brenda Rentz 2013-11-02 22:28
My car make a tapping noise like I need engine oil but I do not need engine oil and I notice lately at time when I crank my car up it sounds like I am changing gears on 12 speed bike and then it will start tapping. It's a 2010 Toyota camry
# donna 2013-11-05 11:27
I have a 1999 Ford expedition and it is making a rattling noise under the hood i change the oil and yet its still making that noise
# crownroyal 2013-11-20 08:01
1990 chevy 1500,5.7 ltr 350...
Engine has a slight ticking noise upon acceleration, if you really gas on it.You can only hear it from inside the truck though. Also, engine idles a little rough when stopped. Any advice?
# james 2002 dodge 2013-12-03 04:34
Have a 2002 dodge ram truck 5.9 engine. When the truck warms up I hear a knocking sound in the front of the motor. when you put it in reverse it dosnt knock but in idle and drive it does. It was just a ticking sound but has got lounder over the last few weeks.
# meggen 2013-12-03 21:10
I have a 2008 dodge caliber, when i turn it off it makes this knocking/wheezi ng noise, what could that be?
# Eileen Jones 2013-12-15 17:42
The dealer cleaned the injectors on my 2010 Camaro V6 engine , ever since I 've had a ticking sound in the engine , and the check engine light came on and I checked the oil and it was very, very low, and it has been ticking since , even after they added oil . Why ?
# Jame 2013-12-15 23:44
Have an. 2001 f150 was driving and all of a sudden there was this clapping sound. The oil light can on fast then the truck died and won't turn over at all wtf anyways ya just bang oil light and done any help would be nice
# gary grant 2013-12-25 01:44
I have a Chevy 5.7 why do I lose power when my oil pressure goose down but then it comes out of it some how and goes back up and runs good again I can't find out what it is ?
# Guest 2013-12-28 01:11
I have a 05 impala and when I take off the oil cap I can hear and feel alot of air coming out what is wrong
# #Veronica 2013-12-31 12:26
I have 2002 Impala. I do't know much about cars, just a little. When the car turns on ,you could hear it a little loud. When i decide to press on the gas, its start to make a loud sound, it hard for the car to drive. It has oil, I checked everything on the car, it looks fine....Any idea of what the problem is????
# Robert 2014-01-04 15:17
# Joe 2014-01-05 15:06
Ford 350 Ticking noise , seems to be at front of motor. Could this be the belt? Thanks
# will d. 2014-01-07 21:40
my 2000 pontiac grand prix began knocking and losing power on the way home from work. what could it be?
# rick 2014-01-15 18:21
I have a 97 ford expesition v8, 4x4.. my oil pressure gauge really high also my engine kinda sputters.
# rick 2014-01-15 18:25
My oil pressure gauge in my 97 ford expedition is reading really high and my engine sputters.
# Jeremy 2014-01-20 08:05
I have a 98 gmc sierra 1500 5.7 vortec. I just hit over 200,000 on it and it started making a slight knock which would stop after a bit of running. Now i was driving down the road and it started knocking really loud even at higher rpms just like when it was idleing. What could be the problem?
# Eileen Jones 2014-01-25 19:51
My 2010 Camaro V6 had the injectors cleaned and now makes a tapping sound when the accelerator is pushed , quiets when let up..Why?
# barbara 2014-05-05 22:48
ok we have a 1996 monte carlo he heard a tapping noise and then like 5 hours later he was driving home the oil light came on then the car died he checked the oil before going to work and it was good but a little dirty what could this be
# shou123 2014-05-17 05:44
I have a dodge caravan 2002 it runs v.good except for one issuei hear lately ..when the car to move forward from a complete stop ..like a red light or so I heard high sound in front of the passenger side and it does not happen all the time and it does sound like ticking or knocking aldo you have any idea ..please
# wes 2014-05-18 21:35
09-00 grand prix started ticking on interstate oil does need changed but after 20 miles seemed to,be getting better stopped put gas in it pulled out car fell on it's face almost like a fouled plug. parked car restarted it oil light is on. It's not locked up it does start and run but shuts off could it be oil change or oil pump no check engine light just oil light and change oil light
# Antonio Guerrero 2014-06-01 18:20
Question? I have a 02 chevy impala I hear knocking but I don't understand, there is oil in the motor and trans. my car stopped and wouldn't want to turn anymore can anyone help me please and thanks.....
# pete 2014-06-05 14:22
I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD when I accelerate I have a high pitched rattling noise to me it sounds like it's coming from the exhaust system which is closest to the cats could this be a problem with the cats
# lilly 2014-06-07 14:37
I have 2000 Pontiac grand prix with low mileage following change of rotars and pads I noticed intermittent rattling noise when there is a sharp right turn or steep road. Bushing was changed last year. Any idea what is causing the intermittent noise!
# DNice 2014-06-12 10:16
My 2003 Chevy Blazer 4.3 6cyl has a metal clanking noise on start up, acceleration and sounds loudest at deceleration but is never consistent. Sounds tinny almost, can low / high oil pressure cause this? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated
# Yasmin 2014-06-15 13:08
I have a 2001 chevy impala, recently I was on the highway and low pressure oil light came on, the car shut off and oil seemed to have spilled everywhere, turned out that I had to buy a new Oil Pressure Sensor, since then it has been making a knocking noise, oil is good, but I don't know what the problem could be??? any advice???please help!!
# Ray Alestock 2014-06-17 12:00
What are the main bearing specs for a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban 350 engine, 2 wheel drive? Thank You! Vhcvq
# justine 2014-06-18 01:44
My saturn sl1 2001 has a sound when I start the car as if it is over heating but it isnt. When ever I push the clutch in to shift gears the sound gets louder.all the way till I get to 5 th gear then it stops or sound really light. If I take my foot off tge gas my car feels like its pulling faster and fast but yet my cars at the same speed as if it's on cruise control butvisnt. I would like to know whats going on im tired of mechanic saying they know what it is and fix it and then something else is messed up
# renni 2014-06-25 13:48
I have a 1999 dodge durango and its making a loud knocking sound when I crank it up..
# Alex 2014-06-27 06:33
I have a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Recently it has been making a noise coming from the front of the drivers side. It makes a noise sort of like a loose chain and it only happens when I go over bumps even the smallest bumps on the roads. Any idea what it can be and how to fix it?
# Guest 2014-06-29 15:14
I have a 2001 Chevy venture it has a rel loud ticking noise especially when I ecellerateup a hill
# angela 2014-06-29 15:20
I have a 2001 Chevy venture it makes a loud ticking noise con constantly. It does it all the time.its a lot worse when I ecellerate up a hill.
# kyle 2014-07-01 17:42
I have a 90 Chevy 1500 and there is a knocking noise and does get louder when I accelerate. Wondering what I need to do to get it fixed. I have great oil pressure and do have oil in the truck. Only has 182000 miles on it. Am I ok to keep driving it?
# Jerry 2014-07-02 09:36
I have a 1995 chevy tahoe. Started tuning rough no check engine like and underneath the car more so by the transmission I hear a clunking noise. I have no idea what it could be any ideas?
# Leonie 2014-07-08 02:17
Hi my holden VX was driving fine no noises no sigh a of anything was wrong, I accelerated from being stopped at a roundabout and next thing u know I heard a loud clunk noise and everything went stiff like the break and steering and turned off so I tried to start it again and it was making a weird noise but not making any attempt to turn over. My partner thinks he can fix everything but dosnt always have the best outcome so I need another opinion if u can plz.
# Wolfie 2014-07-17 00:09
I Have A Chrysler 300 Hemi It Was Running Fine Until I Passed Alot Of Water It Was Passing The Tire And Then The Car Just Stopped I Turned It On And It Made A Really Loud Knocking Noise I Checked The Oil And It Disnt Have Any But I Had Just Changed The Oil It SmoKes Alot Out Of The Exhoust Now And The Knocking Noise Is Still Really Louds Whats Wrong Whit It ?
# Cliff 2014-07-19 18:30
I got a 95 silverado 5 spd. Runs great. Has a buzzing noise in floor board like at tranny or bellhousing. And itll stop when i pull out slow then goes back and stays buzzing
# Jonathan Jones 2014-07-23 19:51
I just came back from a trip out of town and I started hearing a knocking sound in my engine. I pulled over and put some more oil into my vehicle. The knocking became less but was still there. Once I made it home I parked it and I have not driven it since. I have however cranked it and the light knocking noise is still there. Can anyway help me better understand this. I am going to take it to a professional tomorrow. But my main question is whether the knocking noise automatically means a engine that needs replaced. Im sure it could be many things possibly causing the knock. I just wanted to know if there is a chance it could NOT be "WORSE CASE SCENARIO ENGINE BAD". Hope that makes sense. Obviously something is wrong and needs replacing or fixed. I'm just hoping there is a chance it doesn't automatically mean I have to replace my engine. Thanks for any feedback.
# rick wilks 2014-08-04 16:41
I just bought a chevy ss trailblazer 2008 and it started to smell like gas was coming in from the vents in the chevy and it was sputtering and almost stalled last night. I took it to the dealer today and told them to check it out, they called me a couple hours later and said it didn't smell of gas and no sputtering. I went up and picked it up and when I left all the lights were coming on and said it was overheating and there was 2 engine lights on and then when I turned around and basically crawled in, there was a huge puddle of milk shake lookink liquid pouring out and where you fill it up with oil was smoking. and now I am smoking from being so pissed off. Of course no mechanics were there so I have to back tomorrow am. Any comment or explanation would be great. Thank you for your time
# joshua 2014-08-08 07:58
i got a ticking noise coming from behind my motor and transmission it a 94 s10 5speed i replaced spark plugs and so much more to much to list but its kinda funny i think its a flywheel tick cuz it only happens when i step on the gas fast if i just slowly push it down it dont make a sound and at low rpms it makes the ticking sound and then when i drive down the road it only makes the sound when i step on it hard if i take off like a 90 year old make it dont make the sound let me know what u guys think thanks!!!
# Tom 2014-08-12 11:04
I have a 98 Chevy z71 with 5.7 ltr when I accelerate real fast or go up a hill on interstate pops through throttle body and exhaust any ideas. Ty
# kfluke87@yahoo.com 2014-08-13 16:49
i have a 2006 grand prix i put to much oil in my var drove it about 10 miles then drain it out 3daya later it started knockin no smoke tho what is the knockin noise and how do i fix it
# Jarrett 2014-08-19 14:07
I have a 91 s10. The vehicle idles fine when in park. When I go to put it in gear it idles rough until you touch the accelerator to start moving. It does this every time I stop even at normal operating temperature. When the vehicle idles rough it will also loose oil pressure and will bottom out and almost shut off. The check oil level light will come on but the check engine light has never came on. The oil level in vehicle is fine. Just changed about 200 miles ago. The mileage is around 250xxx. What is causing this?
# davisamcl@gmail.com 2014-08-21 07:17
Right inside cam shaft...or were I insert oil there is a ticking sound on idle...tick..ti ck...tick. What could it be?
# jennifer 2014-08-24 15:39
i just bought a 01 v6 mustang not even 5 days ago. everything was going sooooo smooth.. then when i came up on a highway toll, the car seemed to die. I put it in park and re started it.. then all of a sudden a knock/ tick started.. it is semi loud but due to my loud exhaust its kinda hard to hear.. if i go 50 mph + it seems to go away. well as i was trying to drive it to get looked at i had to wait for a train.. It died randomly again.. when i turned it back on it seemed to knock/tick more. some people keep saying it the 02 sensor, some say its the lifters that are bad.. any ideas?
# isaac 2014-10-02 17:31
My 04 i35 just got out of the shop . they changed the rod bearings but its been 2 weeks and its still knocking and it started shaking? Any ideas
# Stephanie J 2014-10-09 07:33
I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix that just started Knocking and ticking yesterday. When i started the car it made a noise like something was stuck in it and now makes the other noises. The ticking is consistent but he knocking is not. Was told it is either the rods or it could be a torque bolt. Any idea?
# Calvin 2014-10-21 13:43
yes my spark plug blew out fixed it truck began to knock on the right hand side towards the front appreciate else wanted to be my timing belt or my lifters are bad
# Calvin 2014-10-21 13:46
2000 expedition spark plug blew out to begin to knock on the passenger side head I was wondering so I can help me figure this out if the timing belt or could it be the lifters are bad if you have the same problem please send me a comment looking for help thank you