Chevrolet Camaro Questions

1989 Chevy Camaro Fuel Pump Runs For 20 Seconds

1989 Chevy Camaro. Engine size = 5.0 tbi. Warning lights: service engine soon. Computer codes :15,21,22,23,34,42 all at once.
Repairs: tried a different fuel pump but it runs 20 plus seconds as well.
Question = when key is turned on the security light does not come on. code read was VATS system. It wasn't reading my chip in my key

1999 Camaro Check Engine Light And Limp Home Mode

1999 Chevrolet Camaro. It go's into limp mode when engine light DTC P1515 comes on. The gas pedal stops working and it tries to kill me. It does it on the highway, it's intermittent and dealer can't fix, unless it's doing it when they have it. Sometimes P1516 comes up. You have to pull over and turn off so it can reset. Its been 5 years.