Can I Swap the 2.4L Twin Cam Engine with a 2.2L Ecotec

1999 Chevy Cavalier Z24 2.4L Twin Cam engine blown. My '99 Chevy Cavalier Z24's 2.4L Twin Cam engine just went out. Would I be able to replace the 2.4L with a 2000 Cavalier 2.2L engine? If so what should I expect for problems and issues? Do you know of anyone doing so successfully?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Answer: I am sure it can be done, but there would be a lot of modifications that needs to be performed. For starters, the computer, entire engine harness, exhaust, A/C, power steering, engine mounts, etc. would all need to be modified to accommodate the 2.2L. Mounting of these components is different, as well as all hoses. Would not be worth the time and effort. The 2.4L is widely available, so stick with what the car should have.

No Catalytic Converter Make Car Louder

If i cut the catalytic converter off and put in a straight piece of pipe will it make my car louder. We have no smog laws where i live so i`am not worried about emissions. Also will it effect the fuel mileage.


The exhaust will not be any louder. This will not effect fuel economy. But it will cause a check engine light since the oxygen sensor behind the converter will show that the exhaust is not being cleaned up, since the catalytic converter is missing.


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  • Guest - phil

    can I put an 06 2.2 colbot engine in a 97 grand am with a 2.2

  • Guest - Carguy

    Actually yes cutting your converter off would be a little louder and have a drone plus you will lose power and fuel economy. The cel would be on cause 1/1 reads fast as 1/2 reads slow when it switches that's how it knows the converter is ok but you can trick it sometimes with the plug fouler mod.

  • Guest - joe

    How to do motor swap 1999 Cavalier Z24 2.4L to 2.2L.<br />I have a complete 2000 Cavalier with a junk body and a nice 1999 Z24 with a junk 2.4. What would I need to do to swap out motors? Will the wiring harness for the motor simply plug in to the car? Anyone got a clue? I have both motor cradels complete, just need to know about what I would have to do with the electronics.

  • Guest - Paul

    In reply to: Guest - joe

    To do this swap you would need to use the wiring harness for the 2.4 L and also the computer. Then the computer will need to be re-reprogrammed for the VIN of the car. The frames may be different, and the mountings of A/C, power steering, etc would also be different.

  • Guest - Pb

    In reply to: Guest - Paul

    Did you get that swap to work

  • Guest - JB

    In reply to: Guest - Paul

    What if you transfer the cradle complete with engine and all accessories