How To Swap A Silverado 4.3L Vortec With a 350 V8

1991 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton. 4.3 ltr.Vortec. Question: was looking to install 1997 Vortec 350 in my pick up to replace the v6. Would it be easier to convert the 350 over to a carbeurated engine or try to convert the the truck to a fuel injected engine? i mean could i just take the 350 out along with the harness and computer and replace the v6 and harness?

what should i do to have the least amount of headache, need to keep the trucks down time low because its my daily driver.


Answer: There would be a lot of modifications to make the 1991 Chevy truck a fuel injected 350 engine. There would be modifications to the engine mounting, trans mounting, exhaust routing, power steering, air conditioning, etc. You would need to swap the computer and wiring harnesses. You may be better off just making the 350 carburetor, but that brings different complications- what size carb? New intake manifold, vacuum and fuel line routing, etc.


Either way there would be a lot of modifications needs, and many others not anticipated until you start digging in and doing it.

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  • Guest - bobby

    Ya, i tried doing an engine swap like this. After a lot of money and too many nights in the garage i finally got it running. It does start and run ok but i have a check engine light with a bunch of emissions codes. I am not even going to worry about the engine light. Just going to drive my truck. Very tired of working on it and spending all my money on parts.