Chevy Impala No Driver Side Tail Lights

My 2006 Chevy Impala was recently wrecked on the driver side and now my driver aide tail light wont work. I have checked the bulb and the fuses and they are both good. It worked before it was wrecked but now doesnt. The passenger side is still working and the brake light still works on the driver side. What could the problem be and how do i fix it.

Answer: You did not specify if the car was hit in the front or rear. We could really use more information as to exactly where and what was repaired. Either way, you have a wiring problem.

You need to get a test light in the socket of the light that is not working, turn the lights on and check for power and ground. Once you know what is missing, you would then concentrate on that part of the circuit. With the test light clip attached to ground, the bulb out of the socket, probe each wire to see if you have power in. The test light will light up if you do. If that is good, then clip onto that wire with tester and problem the other wire to ground- usually a black wire. If it does not light up, the circuit is missing ground. and you will have to follow that wire.

Here is a good link to automotive electrical system descriptions and testing.

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