Impala Flashing Engine Light

I have a 2003/2004 impala i was driving it on the high way the other day and when i started accelerating, it gave me trouble like it was tugging my car and the faster i tried to go it wouldn't want to go or keep up, so while that happened the check engine light came up and it was flashing i pulled to the side put it on park turned it off for 30 sec and then turned it on and the light was off same thing happened this morning but i couldn't pull over but it turned off in like 30 sec. Thanks for the help hope to hear from you soon.

Answer: This sounds like a few possibilities.

The lack of power when accelerating could be from a plugged catalytic converter. When they get plugged, the engine has no power and will not accelerate, no matter how hard you press the gas. This usually happens when the engine is warmed up. But, it won't just go away after shutting off the car.

The flashing check engine light means that the engine was misfiring bad enough to cause a catalytic converter to get damaged. A misfire on accel. is usually caused by a ignition problem. A bad spark plug, bad spark plug wire or ignition coil. Have the ignition system checked first. Also have the engine computer scanned for codes. The engine light was on so there are codes stored in memory.

If there is trouble code P0300, then that is for an engine misfire. If P0440, that is for a plugged catalytic converter.

Chevy Impala Starts And Dies

My 2002 Chevy impala sometimes just turn key but wont crank. I put a new fuel pump and filter thought that was the problem. Still do the same thing. Put a throttle body position sensor on it which was pick up in a diagnostic test every few days did the same thing. Another code they pick up was U1016 they didn't know what it could be they say. Shoot a Lil starting fluid in it and will crank right up in about 10 minutes.

Answer: Well, not sure exactly what the condition is. You say it won't crank so you put a fuel pump in it? Fuel pump has nothing to do with an engine that won't crank over. If you mean it cranks but won't start, then OK. U1016 is a communication problem with the PCM. You could have a theft system problem causing the no start. If you spray starter fluid and it runs for 10 seconds then dies, then it is a theft problem. If it runs for 10 minutes like you say, then you could have a fuel injector signal problem, fuel pressure problem or PCM problem.

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