1997 Chevy Lumina Won't Start With Security Light

My q1997 Chevrolet Lumina LS, 3100 with 289,000 miles would not start. I drove it around to work and when I came back for lunch, it would not start when I turn the ignition to start. I tried numerous things, like turning the gear to neutral, drive, etc., still nothing.

I've checked the battery cable, checked the fuel pump and they are fine. I also placed a screwdriver between the starter to start, it starts but it runs for only 3 seconds the most. I checked all the fuses and they are all ok, I checked to see if the fuel has pressure and it does. I would turn the switch and all the lights and electrical equipment seems to be getting enough juice. Also, I tested the battery with a multimeter and its giving our 12.7 volts so I checked the battery cables as well and they seem ok. Would it be the ignition coils? or something else?

Answer: OK, sounds like you have a problem in the security system. The security system can prevent cranking, and can also let it crank - run for 3 seconds then stall, depending on different circumstances. with the light flashing, the security system IS the problem.

The most common thing to fail on this system is the ignition lock cylinder. the cylinder reads the chip in the key, then sends the signal to the theft module. On the back of the cylinder are 2 very small white wires. Over the years of starting the car, these wires break off the back of the cylinder and cause this condition. replacement of the ignition lock cylinder is required. Sometimes tilting the steering wheel slowly up and down and repeatedly trying to start the car will make the wires contact, ad allow it to start, but will not always work.

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  • Guest - Brian

    We took spare key and bared the wires touched them on resistor of spare key and bam we are running woo hoo

  • Guest - mike w

    hi yeah I had that same problem just today makes me a little nervous I did the same thing the lady said check everything I thought maybe the chip was dirty yeah it's a 97 Chevrolet Lumina pretty good cars runs like a dream I need a little tune up but that's all I have to say for tonight always love your car it's just like a kid