Chevy Malibu TPS Low Voltage Code

2000 Malibu 3.1l shows TPS low voltage code. I replaced the TPS and the code continues to pop up. I cleared the memory and still it show the code. The car starts up fine at a cold start. Once it warms up the idle slowly dissipates until it completely shuts of. If i try and start it again it hesitates a little but it will start then the idle again slowly fades and turns off. Is it possible for this to happen if the spark plugs are gapped wrong? I was also told it can also he the wires that go to the TPS.

Answer: No spark plugs not gapped properly would not cause this throttle position sensor code problem, unless they are so worn out that the electrodes are burned off so the engine runs terrible.

Yes, you should check the connections to the TPS sensor. One of more of the wires may be broken inside the colored insulation right at the connector. Give a little tug on each wire at the connector to see if it stretches. If so, that mean the actual copper wire inside the colored insulation is broken and this is causing your code.

Also, check for a vacuum leak. This can give a hard starting problem, stalling or low and unstable idle. These problems can set a TPS low voltage code in the computer just because the way it is running.

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