2004 Chevy Colorado Several Blower Motors Replaced

2004 Chevy Colorado 3.5l engine. Repaired once at my expense, twice under warranty, once more after warranty expired, at my expense. Total of four failures in six years. Looking for a permanent fix to HVAC blower resistor pack burnout.  Last two times the connector was also replaced, but since it failed last time, I expect it to fail again with the advent of warm weather and constant blower use for AC.

  It seems there ought to be a way of keeping this from happening every summer.  Usually one speed fails, then all except highest speed (4) (no resistor in circuit).  Last time the lowest speed (1) worked for a while after the initial failure.  Speed 3 usually is the first to go.  I suppose it doesn't help that I live in an area where summer temperatures often hit 105 or more, and that I usually make at least one trip of six hundred to sixteen hundred miles each way in the summer.

Blower Resistors Keep Burning Up

I have never run into this before with so many resistors going bad. This must be a problem with the blower motor itself drawing too much current. This can be caused by a bad blower motor, or possibly this service bulletin- which can cause the blower to go bad. It talks about automatic car washes, but the same would apply if the truck was in several heavy rain storm over a period of time. Here is what the TSB says...

Some customers may comment when taking their truck through a car wash that water drips on the passenger floor area. Others may comment of soap bubbles from the HVAC vents. This may be the result of using the HVAC system in the "Fresh Air" mode while going though the car wash. Most car washes submerse the vehicle with an excessive amount of water. With this rush of water, the vehicle cowl deflector may not be capable of diverting all of the water. If the vehicle's HVAC is left in "Fresh Air" mode, the water may enter the HVAC case and drip on the passenger floor or the blower motor and / or resistor module.

To correct this condition, set the control to "Recirculate" when going through a car wash.

Chevrolet S10 shuts Off While Driving

It's a Chevy s10 it just cuts off going down the Road. You can put in neutral N wait a min or two sometimes longer and it will crank back.

Answer: We need to know what you mean by it will "Crank up". People have different ideas of what crank up means. Does it mean the engine cranks and cranks and finally starts, or that when it does not start the engine does not crank when you turn the key. Cranking means you turn the key and the engine spins but does not start. You also didnt tell us what year it is or the engine size.

So with this limited information, i will take a guess. If the truck dies out, will crank over but not start, then you could have a bad fuel pump, ignition module, ignition coil, crank sensor or computer. You are going to need to find out if the engine is loosing spark or fuel when it stalls to narrow the possible causes, then we can give you a little better help.

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