2004 Chevy Trailblazer ABS Brake Lights And Blower Speeds Problem

Several warning light on my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. ABS, E Brake. The ABS and parking brake come on and then the air wont come out as well as the cruise control wont work.

At first it was just once last week and now the lights haven't turned off in two days. we looked to see if it was a fuse but the fuses we looked at weren't blown. please help. THANKS.

Answer:  Did you check all the fuses in both fuse blocks. There is one under the hood, and one under the middle row drivers side seat.

No. we didn't check all of them in both blocks. no just oil changed nobody has touched anything.

OK. Be sure to check all the fuses first. Next, you are referring to the emergency brake light warning light- this may be the red brake warning light. This would come on when there is a problem in the ABS, which there is since the ABS light is on. This could be a lot of things. From a speed sensor, to the control module. You would have to have the codes read with a scanner.

The air not coming out as well; I assume is that not all the blower speeds work. If this is the case, the blower motor resistor / control module is the most common.
The cruise not working is most likely because of the ABS problem.

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  • Guest - fedup

    2004 tb does not read any code and abs will not go out. any fix to the problem

  • Guest - LJD

    In reply to: Guest - fedup

    Most likely cause is a bad ignition switch. Easy fix, about $35 for the part

  • In reply to: Guest - fedup

    Make sure the scanner is working properly by using it on another vehicle. If that's OK then check all the fuses. If still no communication with the ABS computer, then you either have a computer internal problem or the data link connector has a poor connection or the communication wire is broken or shorted to ground.