Grand Am Blower Speeds Only Work on High

My daughter has this Pontiac Grand Am at college about 45 miles from home. She called me and said her blower motor quit blowing in the middle of winter. I had her bring it home on Friday evening so I could check it out. The fuse in the passenger compartment was OK. The 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment was blown. I put a new one in and when I turned on the blower motor it instantly blew again.

I took out the blower relay and it has a corroded post so I replaced it and the fuse.

The blower now works on high speed only. It has 5 speeds and only works on #5. What else can I check short of replacing the blower motor? Is there a speed control switch that can be replaced?

Answer: A common cause for only high speed is the blower resistor. It is under the passenger side of the dash, in front of the blower motor, up against the firewall. The circuits burn, and only high works because high is on a different circuit, and does not go through the resistor. If not the resistor, then will need to check for inputs to the resistor from the fan speed switch.

On the connector of the resistor, 1 wire will always be hot, then an additional wire will go hot as you turn the fan speed switch. Speed 1 will make one wire hot, speed 2 will make a different wire hot, and so. Those can be checked with a test light at the resistor connector.

Here is a picture of the blower motor and resistor location.

Blower Motor Resistor

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  • Guest - Bryon

    I have a 2000 Grand Prix I've change blower motor and resister the blower still only works on High only any suggestions?

  • Guest - Devin

    Yes, i had the same problem. The resistor was hard to get at, and honestly taking out your motor barely helps. Your best bet is getting one of the flexible attachment that you can put a socket on one and and a screw driver on the other. I took the glove box, motor, and blah blah all out and it took me 3 hours. Knowing the info now and using the flexible tool, i could do it in 15 min.

  • Guest - Charlie C..ASE MASTER TECH

    On your 2003 Grand Prix.You need a new blower motor resistor.It is a VERY common problem.The resistor is located on the blower motor itself above the front passengers feet.

  • Guest - Phil

    In reply to: Guest - Charlie C..ASE MASTER TECH

    The blower resistor will effect the blower speeds, but not the headlights. This sounds like a problem in the ignition switch. Sounds weird, but have seen that a few times.

  • Guest - Louie

    I have a 2003 Pontiac grand prix and every I switch on the heater the headlights turn off what could it be?

  • Guest - Mechanic John

    Check your fuese and relays. Test for power and ground at the low fan. If that is good, replace the fan.

  • Guest - ms smith

    My high blowers are on my car is run'n a hot lil over 200 I was want'n to kno how do I get the lower motor to turn on

  • Guest - Louie

    In reply to: Guest - ms smith

    I have a 2003 Pontiac grand prix and every time I turn on the heater 1-4 the headlights go out but when I put it on 5 it works. What can it be?