A/C Compressor Will Not Engage | Button Just Flashes

1992 Chevy 3500. When i turn on the a/c the compressor does not engage. The A/C symbol on the heat AC control panel flashes for a few seconds. Ive tested for power at the compressor on found none,

yet I've only found one fuse marked heat a/c and it test good, heat control and fan both seem to function properly.

Answer: First you must make sure that the freon charge is full. Then, there is at least one pressure switch that needs to function correctly before it will allow power to the compressor. When the freon pressure is good, the pressure switch will be closed allowing power to feed the compressor. If i remember correctly, the low pressure switch is on the accumulator which is the silver canister on the passenger side firewall under the hood. You can either test for power in and out, or disconnect it and jumper the wires to see if the compressor comes on. If it does by jumpering, then either the freon charge is low, or the switch is bad. If it does not come on, then you have a bad wire between the switch and the compressor. If you get power to the compressor and it still wont come on, then check that the ground side is good.

Chevy Silverado Low Tire Pressure Light

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 4.8 l. Question: The right side rear tire is showing the low pressure icon on the instrument panel. I have increased the tire pressure to the recommended pressure on the door jam but the low pressure icon has not disappeared. How do I eliminate the low pressure icon on the instrument panel.

Not sure I understand. There is not a tire pressure icon for each individual tire, just 1 in the dash for the tire pressure system in general. Do you mean that the warning indicator for the system is on, but that rear tire is showing "---" instead of a number value for the pressure?

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  • Guest - Jason

    Unhook battery for atleast twenty miniutes and that should fix the problem.