Chevy Silverado 1500 Has Fuel Won't Start

Truck cranks but wont start ignition coil only has one top cap off. Checked to see if fuel sprays out and it does. What can it be? Rotor or ignition coil maybe??? Checked all fuses there all good. Checked all fuses under the hood and on side driver fuse compartment by the door everuthings good.

I had just put 20$ gas and drove maybe 10 miles so i know it got gas. What you think it can be? It is a 2005 Chevy Silverado ext cab 1500 v6 i think it's 3.4L motor if not 5.3L motor.

Answer: Well, it is either the 4.3L or 5.3L engine in your Silverado. That makes a big difference. The 5.3L has individual coils on each cylinder, so it sounds like you have the 4.3L engine. Not sure what you mean that the coil has "one top cap off".

If you have good fuel pressure, then i would say the engine does not have spark. The problem could be the ignition coil. Pull a few spark plug wires off the distributor cap and crank the engine to see if it has spark. If it has spark on some or is erratic, the cap and rotor might be bad. They are good for getting corroded. That would be seen as green corrosion on the rotor and cap tips. Moisture usually causes this. Chevy has a redesigned cap to prevent this.

If no spark at all, then yes the coil could be bad. Do a resistance test on it to check. Also could be an ignition module. This is much harder to test. Basically if you rule everything else out as being good, then the module is bad.

1990 Chevrolet single cab. Question: My truck won't start unless I hook the battery straight to the fuel injectors. But when you unhook the connection it dies. But while it is hooked up the fuel injector is wide open. He has changed the fuel pump and sensors. If you have any ideas what it could be I need help.

Answer: The fuel pump does not control the injectors. The ECM does. First you will need to check for power on one of the two wires at an injector. Should be red or orange. This is fed by a fuse. The ECM controls the ground side of the injector and it's "ON" time. If you have power to the injector, and you know it does function- since you put the battery to it, then you must have a ground side problem. Either the ECM is bad, or the wires between the injector and the ECM is broken.

Chevy Silverado Dies at Times

My truck a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3L v6 5 speed runs and drives but randomly dies. I got it when it wasn't running and got the code ran and put a new ignition coil in it then started, drove good for a day or two. Put on around 200 miles and now it dies randomly so I did plugs, wires and new cam shaft sensor and still dies randomly while driving highway speeds or idling. No clue why no check engine lights and the guy I got it from (my boss) said there was a new fuel pump put in about a year ago. I am just frustrated.

Answer: A possible cause is a bad ignition control module. These can act up at any given time and are almost impossible to test. Also a possible crank position sensor. Is the fuel pump was a cheap aftermarket brand, it could also be going bad. You need to find out what is missing when it stalls- spark or fuel pressure. If only loosing spark, I would think the ignition module is faulty.

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