2002 GMC Sierra Wont Start

2002 GMC Sierra. Question : truck was running to warm started went in house came out 5 min latter truck was not running. tried to start it wood not go spit and sputters. So i though it was froze up. towed home put in warm garage over night. Tried to start the next morn. no go same as before. Yes i put gas line antifreeze and its called Heet water remover still the same spit and sputter. Unhooked fuel line and turned key but no fuel coming out checked fuses there fine i think swap out the

one in engine compartment and still nothing any guesses or is it the fuel pump and how hard to change.

I would say you've got a bad fuel pump. With no fuel coming out of the line, you have no fuel pressure. You can check for power and ground at the pump, which I'd assume you have since it will try to start, but sputter and die. If you are mechanically inclined, changing the fuel pump isn't that difficult of a job. You can drop the fuel tank out the bottom by remove the straps, lines and connectors. There is a retaining ring that holds the pump module in the tank, then you can remove the pump as a unit. For easier access, and a little less work, if you have the ability to remove the bed from the truck, everything is accessible without removing the tank from the frame. I'd recommend replacing with genuine GM parts, otherwise you'll just have more problems in the future.

GMC Sierra Won't Start

1989 GMC sierra 2 wheel drive. Question: We ran out of gas and after putting in more kept flooding and stalling on hills. Solved this by replacing injectors. Now wont start. lots of fire, getting gas and good compression. computer and sensors fine. we are stumped.

Answer: It is very possible that after running out of gas, the fuel pump sucked some debre off the bottom of the tank and clogged up the sock in the tank or the fuel filter, or may have damaged the fuel pump. Need to check fuel pressure.

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