2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Power Steering Whine

2003 Grand Caravan Sport. Engine Size : 3.3
Question: Hi, I have a problem with my Grand Caravan when turning corners it makes a pulsating noise more so when stopped then go to turn it really vibrates like at the front end from the tire it seems,could it be a tie rod on the right side? That's where its is the right side,also the power steering pump I think is making a whinning sound when driving and turning corners,could that means its on its way out? Other than that it drives great!! Thanks.

Answer: The vibration and the fact that the power steering is whining may be related. If the fluid is low, this would cause the whinning noise. Low fluid level could also cause the pulsating in the wheel you describe since the pump may have air in it, so the pressure is not constant. The belt could also be loose or slipping because of an leak of some kind that has contaminated the belt causing it to slip.. Do the basics first- check steering fluid level, inspect the belt for being loose or oily. A bad tie would not usually cause this problem on your Caravan, but that is not to say one is not loose or worn.

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