Ford F250 Powerstroke Starter Clicks After Battery Replaced

Good afternoon, 1996 ford f250 powerstroke, just replaced both batteries and all of the cables, now i am only getting a click down by the starter when i key the ignition ???

Question: we had a cold snap here and it killed both batteries and the truck wouldn't start. tried charging the batteries but would not hold a charge since they were still under warranty went ahead and replaced them, while pulling them out i damaged the positive terminal on the main battery, so replaced the with a factory ford unit.

Answer: Well, there is one of two possible causes.

1. The original problem was not really the batteries on your Ford, but the starter was bad. Many times a no crank or just a click is misdiagnosed as a bad battery. Without having them tested, or a starter draw test done, just guessing can lead to replacing the wrong part.

2. One of the new batteries is bad causing a low voltage condition at the starter. With a 2 battery system, if one is shorted internally, it will affect the whole circuit.

You also said you damaged the positive terminal while replacing them. It is also possible you burned another cable or even the starter solenoid or motor itself.

Comment: Test the resistance of the positive wire going to the starter. If there is high resistance, not enough current will get to the starter to make it turn over. You may also want to get the starter draw tested. This will tell you if the starter is drawing to  much current, making battery low and not having enough to turn the engine over.

F250 Tow / Haul Light

2005 f250 4wd tow haul light blinking.

Answer: A blinking tow / haul light can have one of two meanings. Either the button on the shifter to activate this feature is not functioning, or the transmission control module has a code stored- indicating a problem in the transmission. You would need to have the computer codes scanned to see if that is the case. If no codes, then replaced the tow / haul button.

Comment: If the button does not fix your problem, then the solenoid that controls that circuit could be bad. A wiring diagram would be needed to diagnose that. The solenoid is located inside the transmission. An ohm reading is all that is needed to test it. This is  a messy job to replace because removing the trans pan will dump a lot of the fluid all over.

How To Increase Gas Mileage on 2007 Ford F-150

2007 Ford F-250 Engine Size : 5.4L.

Question : what can i do to get better gas mileage on my truck. I have a K&N air filter and straight dual exhaust.

Answer: Stick with the basics- keep engine tuned up properly, check tire pressures, do not have unneeded weight in the truck, change your oil regularly etc. Although there are many companies that say their product can increase gas mileage, I have not found any that have conclusive evidence of that. Especially in today's newer cars and truck. The computer system is set to specific parameters to gain the best fuel mileage, power curve and other specifications.

There are companies that re-flash the computer, add sensors, etc. Many times this causes more harm than good. Sometimes you gain a few horsepower, but ruin mileage and can shorten the life of the engine. So do some research and look at all the different claims, and decide for yourself if you want to try one.

Change Wheel Size

I have a 1991 Ford F-250 1/2 Ton stock P/U with 15" wheels, wanting to go to 16", is it possible? If yes, what do I need to do?

Answer: Yes, you can change wheel and tire size. You need to make sure the new tires will not rub on the fenders, especially when you are turning the steering wheel. You will also have to change the speedometer gear in the transmission output speed sensor or the speedometer will not be accurate. This is only need if the combined wheel and tire size is a larger or smaller diameter than the original setup.

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