Olds Alero Heater Fan and Defrost Vent Position Problem

I recently bought an 01 Oldsmobile Alero. The heater vent fan works, but only on the two highest settings, which is not a big problem. However, I just noticed that the knob that you turn to go from vent to vent/floor to defroster does not work. I can twist that knob, but the air only comes out of the vents, nothing comes out on the floor or the defrost settings.

What do I need to do to fix this so air will come out on the defrost settings to the windshield this winter? Thank you, Duane.

Answer: The problem with the fan speeds is most likely the blower resistor. This is a very common failure. It is located under the passenger side of the dash, between the blower motor and the firewall- The positions not changing on the heater - air conditioning system may be a vacuum problem, control unit faulty, or a mode door actuator. The system uses vacuum into the switch on the control panel, then vacuum is sent to or removed from different actuators in the dash to control the position of the air flow. Normally a lack of vacuum to the system will cause air to only blow out defrost and floor, so that does not sound like the problem. I would suspect the problem is in the control unit.

Olds Alero No Air Through Vents

2002 Olds Alero
Engine Size : 2.2L
Question: I loose air flow through all vents after car has been running a little while. the fan still blows but nothing comes out the vents. Any help would be really appreciated.

Answer: If the air conditioning / heater fan is still blowing, then the air must be going somewhere. My guess is that it has switched positions and is not coming out of the center vents anymore, but maybe out the defroster or floor. This is an electric HVAC system so you may have a problem with the MODE valve actuator motor. This is what directs the airflow to the different mode positions.

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  • Guest - Joey

    Where in car is location adjustment knob in 99 oldsmobile Alero

  • Guest - Joey

    Where is the adjustment knob for defrosting whole car even if it's blowing from dash

  • Guest - Joey

    My oldsmobile Alero sends heat out of front dash but my door windows front & back will not defrost.

  • Guest - Keith

    It could be something as simple as the location adjustment knob has worn out. That's the problem with mine. Without the knob in place, I can adjust airflow with a pair of vice-grips, but not with the factory knob.

  • Guest - charlie watkins

    i have a v6 alero that both in winter and summer after about 3 hrs on the road air stop flowing, fan sounds on but no air is comingout of defrost, floor or dash vents. what would cause that

  • Guest - Stan

    In reply to: Guest - charlie watkins

    If the fan is on, then air is flowing. Sounds like your fan motor quit.

  • Guest - Salvador reyes

    In reply to: Guest - Stan

    97 cutlass suprem
    Question:every time i acelarate cold air goes down floor but wen i realeace it goes back to normal

  • Guest - Bob

    In reply to: Guest - Salvador reyes

    Your car has a vacuum reserve problem. Either the hose is broken under the dash or under the hood, or the vacuum tank is leaking.