2002 Oldsmobile Alero Theft Security Light On

Problem with my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero 2.2 Four cylinder. Dash Security Light. Replaced ignition module.

question = The car was working fine and the radio was left on while I was in the car. When I went to start it, it wouldn't start. After letting it sit for awhile it finally started. We had it tested for codes and non came up. We replaced the ignition module and it started right up. Now it won't start again.

I have read about this problem from other people on here and it seems as though it may be the ignition cylinder is bad. I saw where you told a person you would send them some information on how to replace this. Is that something you could also send time? I would really appreciate it and an email would be the best way so I could have it quickly.

I have 99 Grand Am with a 3.8 v-6. I disconnected the battery to work on the ignition switch. After the repair, the car won't start. It turns over and acts like it has spark but won''t start. The ignition switch might have been in the "ON" position when I disconnected the battery.

Answer: You need to re-learn the security system after this part was replaced. The fuel injection has been shut down due to a security fault.

Here is the procedure to do that....

Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (NOT the CRANK position).
Turn the ignition switch further to the CRANK position, then release to the ON position (Do NOT start the vehicle).
Observe the security telltale for approximately 10 minutes.
After the ignition switch has been in the ON position for approximately 10 minutes, the security telltale will transition from ON or flashing, to OFF.
Turn ignition off for 10 seconds.
Turn ignition to the on position for 5 seconds.
Turn further to the start position so car will now start. The BCM has now learned the theft system.
Be sure to clear the computer codes when finished.

All Lights Went Out

Question: I have a 1999 olds alero. The other day the gauges and all the lights but the check engine light went out. I put a new ignition switch in and it won't start and the windows won't work, and the gauges still don't work. Also when I try to check for codes the scanner won't work.

Answer: You either have a bad BCM, or a wiring problem. The BCM control the dash gauges and security. Since after replacing the ignition switch, these new problems came up, go back and check your work. Maybe you damaged or moved other wires near the switch. If you did not do the theft learn, that would explain the no start, but not the other problem. No communication with the PCM could be a wiring problem on the data line circuit, which runs through the BCM also.

Question: Continuing from earlier question. I put the old switch and key back in and replaced the BCM. The car runs smooth & the windows work but I still only have the check engine and airbag lights working. I found out this started when he had brake lines replaced. Everything worked when he took it in and when he got it back they didn't. Could there be something that needs resetting on the brake system?

Answer: The brakes have nothing to do with dash light. Maybe the dash has a problem.

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  • Guest - Julie Shantal

    '01 Olds Alero has many, many issues. But three of the most frustrating are the dash lights all coming on after you start and begin to drive the car. You can turn the ignition off, then on again and it seems to clear it. Unless the car is low on gas.
    Second is the gas gauge just floppin' around, the whole time while driving. It can't seem to choose a place to stay, so I never really know how much gas I have. If it helps, my speedometer also quit, about a month after the gas gauge, but after the battery died, it began working again.

    Thirdly, my heater will not reliably blow hot air in the regular positions the control knob was designed to operate. Only if I remove it and place it back on so it turns on the bottom half there is a small window while turning it slowly that I can actually get heat. If I don't touch it. The heat works every time. But if I so much as bump it, I have to start all over again to find the 'sweet spot.'

  • Guest - Guest

    I got another gauge cluster and had same issue. I feel like an idiot now, I checked the IPC/HVAC Batt fuse again and it was blown. So rule of thumb now, Don't just check a fuse, their cheap, so jut put a new one in

  • Guest - Guest

    In reply to earlier question. I had tried the security thing but never saw any kind of security light. I put the old switch and key back in and got a good BCM. I still have the same issues. I did find out that this started when he pulled out of the shop to have the brake lines replaced. He took it back to the shop and they checked all the fuses. Could there be a some kind of reset needed for the brakes?

  • Guest - Bobby

    In reply to: Guest - Guest

    Nothing with the brakes will effect the security / theft light. You replaced the BCM? Did you program it?