Radio Does Not Work and Power Windows Not Roll Up

Problem with my 1996 Pontiac Bonneville.

Checked fuses, relays.
The radio in my car will not come on when i start the car. When the radio isn't working, my power windows will not roll down.  The radio will come on intermittently and when the radio works, i can roll down the windows. 

When the car gets warmed up, the radio will not come back on and the windows wont roll down..  weird huh??  not sure what to do.

Answer: Sounds like you either have a power feed problem, or a ground problem. There is a ground under the drivers carpet, on the left side, near the emergency brake pedal, on the floor. Check that. Next, wiggle some harnesses around under the dash. Follow the grounds from the battery under the hood and make sure they are clean and tight.

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