2004 Impala Check Engine and Traction Light

Problem with my 2004 Chevy Impala. Check engine light/Traction Control.New brakes and rotors all around. I got into my car a week ago and turned on the radio after turning on the car and it came on but I have no sound at all. My chimes that indicate low fuel, and seat belts are also affected.

I checked the fuses and breakers to no avail. The connections to the power amp are also intact. As well my traction control light and warning comes on every time I make a right turn and there's a grinding noise when I drive the car over 25 MPH.

Just so i am clear, the radio has a display, you can change stations, see clock, etc, but no sounds That's correct. I looked at all the relays and fuses and everything seems in order.

I was using my blue tooth with the radio for hands free cell phone operation, but that ceased when the system went out. No chimes for seat belts, low fuel or any other alert happens now. HELP !

OK. Then this is either an amp problem, or radio problem.
The audio system controls the chimes also.
You would need to bypass the amp and connect the speaker wires from the radio, to the speaker wires going from amp to the speaker,
to determine if the radio is outputting any sound. The radio sends speaker output to the amp, then the amp sends it to the speakers.

Chevy Impala Code P0449

I have a 2005 Chevy Impala. The check engine light is on, a mechanic a work checked and the code that comes up is P0449.

Answer: OK, well, the code is a problem in the evaporative emissions system vent valve solenoid. Either a problem with a bad solenoid, of the circuits that control it. these solenoid valves are quite common to fail, bu the only way to be sure would be to use a scanner that can control the system, and use a test light to test for power and ground. Usually it is a bad solenoid valve.

This part is located attached to the vapor canister, inside the lf. rear fender. Is accessed from under the car.

Check Engine Light When It Rains

Have 2010 Chevy Impala check engine light comes on after heavy rain checked gas cap what else could it be. Auto shop says seal leaking?

Answer: We need to know what the code number is. I could not even make a good guess without that. Rain can cause an engine misfire code P0300. That would be a problem with an ignition coil, spark plugs or spark plug wires, but you said something about a seal leaking and gas cap. If it is an EVAP system code, then there could be any number of things that will cause a small leak in the system.

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  • Guest - Crystal dean

    I got a 2006 impala cheek engine light came on only problem I had with it some time it won't start I move cables and it start right up

  • Guest - Promechanic

    In reply to: Guest - Crystal dean

    If you are referring to the battery cables, then replace them- this is a common problem on that year Impala.

  • Guest - Robert

    I just bought a chevy impala 2003 the head looked like they been worked the car starts runs good and everything changed oil fuel and air filter spark plugs but when i make a stop it turns off

  • Guest - chelsea

    I just replaced the battery in my04 impala but the battery light is still on

  • In reply to: Guest - chelsea

    The battery light on your car does not mean the battery is bad, it means the alternator is not charging the battery, so the voltage is low. You need to check the alternator output. Most likely it is bad and needs to be replaced.

  • Guest - mike

    The car starts then it shuts off. What could be the problem?

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - mike

    That could be a million things ! Need more information.

  • Guest - Robert

    My wife has a 2006 Chevy Impala LT. She was driving the car today and her traction control light came on then the service engine soon light came on, and then the two following messages appeared " Service Traction Control" and then " Reduced Engine Power" . The car then began to drive very sluggish and as she arrived home, I saw the car sputtering. Do you know what this could be?

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - Robert

    This problem with your Impala could be several things. A problem in the emission system will turn on the check engine light, and that will disable the traction control system- depending on the problem and code stored in the computer.

  • Guest - Franklin

    Chevy Equinox had the same type of growling noise in the front that changes when you're turning. Had one of the front wheel bearing hubs replaced and took care of that problem. Now my ABS light is off the dash as well.

  • Guest - j.l rogers

    2001 Monte Carlo my car crank one day will crank the next but will crank 2 days , and stop

  • Guest - Answer

    In reply to: Guest - j.l rogers

    Could be many reasons for this. Bad ignition switch, faulty starter, loose battery cables, security problem with the Passlock sensor- ignition cylinder, aftermarket alarm, etc. Would need to know if the security / theft light is on when you try to crank and then release the key to the on position- not turning to off. The light should not be on or blinking.