Grand Am ETS and Engine Light Codes P0171 P0134

I have a Pontiac Grandam 2.4 Lire. The ETS light comes on by itself when engine is warm with or without check engine light coming on. The check engine codes vary from P0171, P0134, P0125. Severe black smoke from the exhaust when ETS light on very poor gas mileage when on. Starts fine cold or normal. Great performance when lights are off. New Stuff: MAP hose, Cat. Both O2 sensors, Plugs & wires. Can't seem to find any vacuum leaks. 180,000Kms Any hints where to look? Air valve maybe?

Answer: The ETS light is on because the way it is running, with the check engine light is on or not.
Code P0171 is lean. Check fuel pressure.
Code P0134 oxygen  sensor insufficient activity. Probably plugged again from the way it is running, and all the black smoke.
Code P0125 coolant temperature sensor circuit. This could be the problem. If reading open (-40 degrees F), then engine would run very rich. But not blow smoke. Check the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) for leaking gas into the vacuum line.
With the way it is acting up not all the time, i would suspect a bad PCM, or ground problems down by the starter on the transmission bell housing. A few small wires grounds that there break- quite common.

Question: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT. Service vehicle soon and oil charge lights are on. Oil was changed <1,000 mils ago. Why would these go on, what do they mean, and can they be reset. Car was just bought few months ago.

Answer: The change oil light is on probably because it wasn't reset the last time the oil was changed. If you have an owner's manual, it will tell you exactly how to reset the light. You may have a reset button in the left hand fuse box, or be able to cycle the gas pedal three times with the key on to reset the light. The service vehicle light means you have a problem that is happening currently with the car. It will have set a trouble code in the car's computer. It will need to be diagnosed by a technician with a scanner. The scan codes will help in diagnosing and finding the problem on the car. If the car is still running fine, it could be an evaporative emissions code, transmission problem, or many other things. You should get it checked out as soon as possible.

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