1999 Grand Am Overheating | Water Pump Locks Up

1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT.

Check engine light.
My grand am is leaking water out the over flow hose there is no water in my oil it runs hot  about every two weeks or so i have to put water int it my water pump will lock up causing my car to loose power steering for a few seconds. Is this my water pump going bad.

Answer:  Overheating and coolant boiling out the overflow on this 3.4L V6 is usually caused by a head gasket problem. The rear cylinder head is most prone. Combustion gases get forced into the cooling system and cause the overheating. The water pump locking up as you say, may be that the water pump is leaking and coolant is getting on the belt causing it to slip. This would explain the loss of power steering as well.

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  • Guest - Eric

    Overheating problem on 88 Pontiac grand prix water comes out radiator cap or if it's on it blows back in recovery tank and will need water every day