2001 Pontiac Grand Am Fan Not Blowing

I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. It has the 3.4L V6 motor. When I turn the heat or the air on it does not blow out. I can feel heat or the A/C coming through the vents. It's just not blowing. I thought it was the blower motor resistor. But after replacing the old one it still does the same thing. And every now and then it will randomly kick on.

It will work for a few minutes, and then it will stop working. Is it the blower motor going out?

Answer: Most likely this air conditioning and heater problem on your Grand Am is the blower motor. Usually the blower resistor will only affect all speeds except high, which is a different circuit. To be sure it is bad, you would need a test light. Disconnect the motor connector and put the test light in the terminals to see if it lights up when you turn the speeds. If it does, then you are getting power and ground and the blower should turn. If not, you may have a wiring problem or blower control switch acting up. Also you could try and tap on the bottom of the blower when it should be running to see it you can free it up for a moment.

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