How To Replace Fuel Pump in 1999 Pontiac Montana

1999 Pontiac Montana

3.4L V6
EGR Valve replaced. Looking for semi detailed steps on replacing the fuel pump on my 1999 Pontiac Montana.

Answer: Well, first remove the fuel lines at the front of the tank. Being careful as fuel will spray out unless you relieve fuel pressure by either using a fuel pressure gauge on the fitting on the engine, or removing the fuel pump relay when running, and waiting for it to die. But you will still have some fuel spray.

Support the tank in the middle, remove the 2 straps that hold the tank in, remove other EVAP lines from the front and if there are any in the rear, large fuel fill tube at the rear, lower tank, and remove other EVAP lines, electrical connectors. When all is disconnected, lower tank all the way.

Remove the ring that locks the fuel pump module into the tank. Pull the assembly out, then replace.

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  • Guest - Marco

    It ain't letting gas come up

  • Guest - stan

    How to R&R fuel pump on my 2004 Pontiac Montana?

  • Guest - Rubist56

    In reply to: Guest - stan

    how to R&R fuel pump 2004 pontiac montanna
    <br />You need to remove the fuel tank. There are 2 straps that hold the gas tank in. There are several lines and electrical connectors that also need to be removed after the straps are off and the fuel tank is being lowered. These things need to be disconnected before lowering the tank all the way down, or things will break. Also disconnect the filler tube. Then you can remove the large snap ring that holds the pump assembly into the tank.